The time has come…

That’s right, we’re at a stage where we’re taking The Fetch to Sydney.

We’ve had quite the ride in Melbourne over the past few months striving to put some order to the sheer amount of stuff that’s happening around town. Liz and I have been curating links left, right and centre!

While everything is still in beta, we’ve been organically growing without much strain and enjoying participation from the local community with people flooding our inboxes with items to include. To boost morale in the virtual office, we’ve been favouriting some of your tweets containing feedback about the email and have posted some of the kind words recently here.

But, alas, The Fetch is much more than a fortnightly “enewsletter” – it’s already a sustainable business with the vision for it to become the number one online reference for creative business folk all over the globe. It’s a way to discover, share and connect – a means to explore your city from a work and (sometimes) play perspective. Think of it as a massive digital bulletin board you can quickly glance at in between the absurd amount of information on the web today.

We also want to offer relevant deals, opportunities and offers throughout our content to ensure we can go on providing what we do. While client testimonials are a bit too publishing-in-the-90’s-media-kit style, we’re going to include one (regarding a job placement) below anyway:

“Thanks to The Fetch email, the business was introduced to a handful of individuals who will likely be involved in the business in the future. In all, I will certainly be advertising on the newsletter again – it’s going to play a pretty major role in promoting our name in the local industry.” ~ Aaron Wallis, founder, Lexer. August 2011.

And for us to expand, we realise we can’t do it alone. We still have a lot of work to do and we want to collaborate with individuals in other innovative cities who ‘get it’.

So without ado, we’re looking for a city curator for sunny Sydney. If any of the following sound like you – email us ASAP!

  • Super connected in your hood – you know people and eat social media for breakfast
  • You’ve lived in your city for at least a year and know where people meet for good coffee
  • You’re out and about at many meetups and events – and you know the corresponding #hashtags!
  • You have brilliant ambient awareness – you’re an info sponge and love absorbing what’s on around you
  • You consider yourself a bit of a generalist – you’re equally at home at a web meetup as you are talking about the arts
  • You’re willing to dedicate ~ a few hours a fortnight to put each fetch together
  • You can commit to at least three – four months as a start
  • You love your computer and the web (well, most of the time)

The Sydney curator gets:

  • Media passes to 99% of events/conferences
  • To be a community gatekeeper/point of call/in the know
  • To be part of a movement and collaborate with a team of people trying to do something big
  • The ability to interview and connect with inspirational beings all around the world
  • To tell us how to do things better (join us for strategy/doing country retreats)
  • Technical and platform support, and all costs covered
  • A bookmarked list of Sydney websites and groups
  • An already-existing email list to send each fetch to
  • A budding group of people already waiting on @thefetchsyd’s Twitter
  • Revenue sharing (or ownership) on all activities in your city (if you a sales gun, the world’s your oyster!)
Sound promising? We can start fetchin’ as early as next week!