After a few days back in Melbourne, I was lucky to catch to first day of opening at the York Butter Factory. York Butter is a new coworking space that’s just opened up in the CBD – adding to Melbourne’s growing coworking scene.

Behind it is Stuart Richardson (@StuAC) and Darcy Naunton (@DarcyNaunton) of Aurelius Digital and Adventure Capital, and Lorenz Grollo, CEO of Equiset Grollo Group and co-owner of Rialto and other major Melbourne construction projects. It’s quite the combination!

Located near some dubious but refreshingly diverse tenants along King Street, the location and space are sure to attract freelancers, independents and startups alike – with more than a handful of people already there on day one. Permanent residents also include IndexMedia, Vumero and Native Tongue.

I asked Darcy, one of the co-founders, about where the space sits within the coworking landscape. Here’s his response:
“This is a place for startups – a mix of business and developers. The typical company is 2-3 co-founder startup in seed/MVP stage. We aren’t specific to programming languages, but rather have a diverse (and curated) skill set that should enable a good pool of talent for YBF startups to draw on. Its also a ‘get sh*t done’ kind of space and we aren’t looking to get pinball tables and anything too quirky.”

Their drop-in policy is flexible – you can try out the space for a few days after which time they’d discuss a hot desk signup (starting at $100/month).

Current pricing is:

  • Full time permanent desk: $600/desk/month
  • Hot desk – 5 days per week:  $500/person/month
  • Hot desk – 4 days per week:  $400/person/month
  • Hot desk – 3 days per week:  $300/person/month
  • Hot desk – 2 days per week:  $200/person/month
  • Hot desk – 1 days per week:  $100/person/month

More info will be on their site over the coming weeks.

Exact location: 66 King Street, Melbourne.

I’m loving the emergence and natural segmentation of coworking in Melbourne. It’s great to see the main players such as the Hub, Inspire9 and OpenHub (amongst others) working together and supporting each other. At the end of the day, it makes it very easy for entrepreneurs to get connected quickly and easily without administrative fuss. So thanks guys!