Name: Joel Hauer

Twitter handle: @JoelAmigoHauer

Works at: Clemenger BBDO /

What is the idea behind this “green rooftops” movement?

It’s about getting Sydney-siders thinking about different types of work environments, and how integrating these with their normal regime, can an effect on their well-being and creativity.

As this is a new idea, we’re investigating the possibility of building a network of people who are open to working outdoors. We’re interested in activities that and utilize and activate green roof space, and have a positive effect on both our green economy, and personal well-being. Think of it as a mash-up between TED talks and Start-up weekend for Green projects.

Our UnOffice Event activates green roof space by bringing together people from varying private and public sectors, to work outdoors, and collaborate with other who are also interested in developing a greener economy. As we live in an idea’s world, we’re offering the best idea, judged by independent speakers, a development stipend through ticket sales. This event allows us to promote green roof’s, encourage networking & idea creation, and form a culture of outdoor creativity, where any idea can turn into a project that can change the world.

Who else do you think is doing cool stuff in our industries? 

I love crowd-sourced creativity that works to show the possibilities of collaboration and democratization of solutions. I feel that new web platforms can connect vastly different people, with different backgrounds and experiences for the betterment of projects around the world. Kickstarter and Kiva are two of my favorite crowd solutions. Kiva is based on small micro loans to third world, and developing countries, and for those who don’t know what Kickstarter is, if you’re in the creative industries, and want to crowd-fund your ideas and explorations in art, dance, fashion or games etc, you’ll love it.

What local issues or topics are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about bringing the right people together to solve big problems in this world.

The event you’re hosting Friday looks pretty cool, what else can people expect who are attending?

We expect them to be inspired by amazing speakers, and go home feeling empowered to bring fresh ideas from passionate people into their existing networks to collaborate on do-good projects. This event is only the start, and we’re passionate about taking it to the next level by making it bigger and better in 2012. We want it to be a launching pad for environmentally sustainable projects and solutions both for the public and private sectors.

If you can’t make it Friday, are there other ways to get involved or get more info?

Get involved with our conversation on twitter @UnOfficeAust, and if you’re in another state and want to help us spread the word, please get in touch.

Where is coworking going next in Sydney? 

It’s rapidly developing through some really cool government initiatives that are activating building spaces at reduced rates. Though many international coworking establishments are finding it hard to fill seats, the freelance economy is rapidly expanding in Australia thanks to the creative industry expansion into more extensive digital production.

Personally, I would love to see more pop-up style co-working locations, supported in-part by government and councils, though our number 1 priority is to make green roof tops accessible to individuals for outdoor co-working.