Brisbane curator Lani Pauli sat down to talk with Bespoke Letterpress Director Alischa Herrman.

Name: Alischa Herrman // Bespoke Letterpress
Website: Bespoke Letterpress + Blog

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Where does your passion for letterpressing come from and what keeps it going?
A deep love for this beautiful craftsmanship – letterpress is a labour of love – it is always hard challenging work, but that keeps the passion alive! The end result of perfectly printed typography with a beautiful deep letterpress impression into 100% cotton stock has got to be the truly most beautiful way to print the written word. We print on three vintage printing presses weighing from 800 kilos to 1.5 tonne and our oldest is Charlie who was built in 1893, and we’ve also got Herbie and Helga who are 1972 and 1973 Heidelberg Platens. They are beautiful old beasts who with alot of love have been restored and bought back to life again!

Who do you think is doing cool stuff in our industries?
There are so many people! Here in Brisbane I am a big fan of poet and potter Paper Boat Press, illustrator Courtney Brims, reading Map Magazine, gorgeous stationery Loose Leaf Paper and great fashion Style Milk.

What was your first job?
Im not sure if it is technically a job, but in primary school I used to make friendship bracellents and hair clips to sell to friends at school! Other then that my first job in my teenage years was in a library and my first design job was in a small boutique design studio.

What’s the hardest challenge you’ve had to face work-wise?
Learning that to run a successful business that I can’t do everything, and that burning the candle from all ends always ends in tears!

What’s the biggest opportunity and challenge for Brisbane to become a truly “Creative City”?
Brisbane has grown in so many ways to foster and encourage the design community over the past few years. I think their is an opportunity to encourage more designers by opening up more design precincts and converting old buildings into assessable and affordable studios. That would give more emerging designers the chance to move their design ideas out of their bedrooms and homes and have a platform to grow their businesses.

What are some local upcoming events you recommend?
Brisbane Finders Keepers July 7th and 8th at the Old Museum Building.

What’s next?
We are currently working on expanding our range of ready to buy stationery to compliment our custom design work. Many of these letterpress goodies can now be found around the country and various design boutiques as well as our own online store.