Berlin. Yep, we’re heading there. It took me all of one week out of a month-long stay to fall in love with the place last year and I’m pleased to see we’ve now got a fetch there. The best part about it? We’ve got the amazing Lisa Lang (@lilaineurope) as our city curator! I first met Lisa at a #socialmelb meetup in 2009 and have followed her journey with interest through her days at Sitepoint in Oz and most recently as head of content for Campus Party Germany and print editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine. She’s also calls herself a “Geekette, Podcast Nerd and Whip-Cracker”. And there’s more! She’s bilingual! (She was born in Germany.) Check out more on her LinkedIn.

Lisa will be sharing the best events, meetups, community news, jobs and more in each fortnight’s fetch. You can submit items to her via email here, via @thefetchber, FB and don’t forget to subscribe on so we’ll arrive straight to your box. Our first black themed fetch will be sent shortly. As part of Lisa’s welcome, we put a few questions to her:

Lisa Lang

How did you end up where you are today?

Long story, I started as freelance journalist, turned to a photographer, turned into a New Media student in Germany. From there I left for Australia, stay there for five years, started in PR, turned into project manager for web projects, turned into Program Director for web tech/design publishing. Now back in my most favourite city in Europe, fetchin’ for new adventures!

What makes you tick? What makes you ick?

The love and passion for the industry, the people, the projects, the stories. And chocolate and olives (but not necessarily at the same time).

Why do you love ‘fetchin?

I love the hunt; always looking for the next event/meetup, new stories, new people – there is a whole world out there!

What things excite you about our community right now?

The opportunities, the potential – imagine what is possible!

What’s your favourite thing about your city?

The energy! Berlin will go through a lot of changes in the next years and it is just the place to be in Europe right now.

Where can we find you in Berlin?

In one of the bars in Neukoelln Kiez, at coworking spaces, most of the time at some sort of event/meetup/drinks.

How can we connect with you?

I’m @lilaineurope on Twitter.