This fortnight, we chat to James Farmer, the CEO at Incsub, about culture, WordPress and current opportunities. These featured roles are a new initiative by The Fetch and aim to uncover what it’s really like to work somewhere – so you can decide if you’ll be the perfect fit!

What is your culture and ethos like at incsub?

If I said we were just making it up as we go along, would that sound bad? 😉

Because, in a way, that’s what we are doing, we’re growing quickly, trying to do the most exciting things we can do, making the most people happy we can, while thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

Which isn’t to say we’re not that grown up, we’ve been developing the company over the last six years, for the first first as a remote organisation with folk based all over the world, now that we’re really kicking into gear though it’s time to build a great Melbourne team, and this job is key to that happening.

The regular day at Incsub can start at 6, 9 or 12 – invariably you’ll always find a while bunch of other folk working on stuff in some corner of the World (there are 27 of us currently, in pretty much every continent) and it’ll most likley find you working on a whole bunch of different projects.

In addition to WPMU DEV there’s a new version of WP Plugins we’re rolling out, the leading WP news site on the web(!), Edublogs (top 10 in the World blog hosting site!) and a few super secret new projects too.

It can get frantic, it can also be quite peaceful (especially on Mondays when most folk are on Sunday evenings) but it’s never boring.

What do you love about WordPress?

Awwww, it’s the basis for so many things, Incsub is a contraction of ‘Incorporated Subversion’ and the thing about WP is that you can subvert it to do pretty much anything, much of it extremely well, and that’s what we’re the best in the World at doing.

Which isn’t to say that I don’t like or admire other platforms, just that we’re teh WP folk. 🙂

What kind of person are you looking for to join the team?

Someone who’s energised, excited, creative and up for it – who doesn’t mind a challenge, loves putting their skills to the test, learning heaps and taking the initiative.

We’re all about folk taking the lead, and we’d like them to be super ambitious to make an impact… I mean we’re talking tens of millions of visitors here a month (hundreds of millions if you include our WPMU DEV members!), this is your chance to impact on their day to day experience.

What will they work on and create?

Everything and anything.

From brand new projects, to comprehensive user experiences, to revamping sites like Edublogs and creating brand new beautiful WordPress themes.

And from there, leading teams on new stuff, working closely with an amazing team of developers (want to learn PHP and more, now’s your chance!) and who know what else… our CTO (second in command) was a WPMU DEV member ad then junior developer just a few years ago!

How can people get in touch?

Just contact James and Victor with your web based portfolio: /

For more information visit:


For the full position description, click here for the document.