This event review is from Sydney Community Ambassador, Lisa Fox (CEO and cofounder of OpenShed). 

photo credit: Josh Stinton

FailCon Sydney twitter stream commenced with a steady stream of #Fail tweets as late participants declared that it was only 10am and they had already racked up their first fail for the day!

FailCon is all about removing the stigma that attaches to failure and embracing it instead.  I found it a thoroughly refreshing morning (unfortunately I couldn’t stay all day). The speakers generously shared their highs and LOTS of their lows. It was very different from the usual events where successful entrepreneurs talk about their success and gloss over their failures.

FailCon was started in San Francisco in 2009 as a one-day event for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for future success. Last year it launched in France and Brazil. And earlier this month 6.2 brought it  to Australia to be part of Vivid Sydney 2012.

Andrew Fallshaw has summed up the day perfectly with his post How to fail Better and you can check out the day’s twitter stream here, so I thought I would just leave you some of my favourite insights from the day:

Cass Phillipps, Producer of FailCon – “Having a mess up doesn’t make you a mess up.”

Clover Moore,“Don’t go away at your first failure”.  (You can read Clover’s complete presentation here)

Matt and Pip, The Loop “If you’ve got a good idea, the real failure is not executing that idea”

Matt Perry, Republic of Everyone “If we are going to go down, let’s try not to be brought down by a preventable failure”

Paul Breen: “Failure’s an event, a circumstance, not a character trait.”

Ben Rennie, 6.2 “the idea that “failure is not an option” is dangerous. It makes it invisible, then inevitable”

Rebekah Campbell, Posse “prioritise your fears” – what’s worse than failing? “Missing out”

I couldn’t agree more!

About our Ambassador // Lisa Fox is a recovering a Government Lawyer and the Co Founder and Director of the peer-to-peer rental site, Open Shed.  Lisa is passionate about spreading the word about the Australian Collaborative Consumption movement and helping Australians access what they need when they need it! Connect with Lisa via @_lisafox or @openshed.