I’ve known Daniele for a over a year now. She’s an artsworker, theatre producer, entrepreneur and innovator and always knows the newest, most delicious places to eat around town. We sit three desks away from each other at our day jobs with The Edge and as a result, we often  talk about upcoming events around town and lament about our lack of free time to attend them.

When the Brisbane Fetch team chose side projects as the theme for our latest interview series, Daniele immediately popped to mind. We’ve already reviewed her innovative market, Suitcase Rummage, a few months back, so I thought it would be good chance to have a chat to Daniele about how this particular side project came to be.

Daniele Constance

Name: Daniele Constance
Website: Suitcase Rummage
Twitter: @SuitcaseRummage

What was your first job?
Ever? I can’t remember, but it would have been in retail. City Beach maybe?! Ha!

So what is Suitcase Rummage and how did it get started?
Suitcase Rummage is (as its names suggests) a market from suitcases. It’s a mini scaled market, aimed at supporting local and emerging artists, crafters, collectors and lovers of recycling. It aims to be accessible, inclusive, affordable and a community focused event.

I started Suitcase Rummage with partner in crime, Isabel Fitzgerald. We were brainstorming a bunch of project ideas that we wanted to get off the ground in Brisbane and Suitcase Rummage was one of them. We wanted to provide a platform for artists and community members to participate in a local, grass roots event that supported them. We took the idea to Brisbane City Council and …. here we are!

Was Suitcase Rummage a side project? Is it still?
Ahhh, yes and yes! It’s not a side project in the sense that it’s not important to us, more in the sense that Isabel and I still have full time jobs that pay the rent. We also never expected to have such a great response from our events, or that they would be ongoing.

Our first Rummage in Brisbane was to be a one off event, but it was so successful we kept it going. We’re working towards making it a sustainable event and bringing it to the forefront of what we do.

At what point does a project stop being a side project and start being your main focus?
That’s a good question… and I’m not sure I have the answer just yet. Maybe check back with us in six months?!

What are your goals for Suitcase Rummage’s future?
Keep it sustainable, keep it genuine and slowly build Rummages in communities around the country. It’s ambitious, but we’re working hard on it!

Do you have any opportunities for others to collaborate?
Sure! We’re always open for suggestions, collaborations … just contact us! We have partnered with other events and festivals and we do love working alongside others who share a similar ethos.

What are your top three tips to others that like to do twenty things at once?
Get rid of one! It’s okay to say no to things! But like me, you’ll probably say no to one thing until something else comes along! … I try and keep a steady balance across projects and I have to remember it’s not about quantity. If you’re doing too many projects and burn yourself out, then it makes it so much harder to do quality work.

What are three upcoming Brissy events that you are excited about?
1. Just found out that Grand Salvo (Melbourne based musician) is playing at Black Bear Lodge next month – pretty excited about that!
2. Home Festival (community arts festival at Kangaroo Point next weekend)
3. Innovate Symposium by Volunteering Queensland. Not sure if I can make it along to this one, but it looks like a great program!