What: What do you know?
Where: The Exchange Hotel
When: 30 August
Recap by: Brisbane Ambassador, Lee Mathers

On the surface, Brisbane might seem like a sleepy little town. At The Fetch, we’re doing our best to disprove that mindset. It’s just that sometimes these great events take place in the strangest locations.

To wit: you would not expect a large group of technologists, internet enthusiasts, programmers and developers to gather together at The Exchange Hotel in the middle of the city on a Thursday night, but so it was for What Do You Know, Brisbane?, an offshoot of The Australian Web Industry Conference. It’s a chance for people who work on and with the web to get together to learn and connect.

The Brisbane edition (there are also similar events in Melbourne and Sydney) saw eight fast paced presentations in an hour. They included information on structuring content for the web from Sally Bagshaw and our over-reliance on maps in data presentation by Chris Horsley.

All of the presenters are industry professionals and their points of view (along with pizza and beer thanks to the sponsors) were lapped up by the crowd of about one hundred. Carolyn King from Credos Associates provided design tips for fitter websites to generate healthier conversion results and Damon Oehlman gave us a recipe for “baking” a web front end. These talks worked in nicely with Luke Brookers quick five minutes on “Designing Delightful Experiences, Responsively”.

The night finished off with Rob Bare from R&B Creative showing us how great working at a digital design agency can be and Mehdi Khalili talking about how to make websites work offline.

So, summing up, what did you miss? The chance to find out what Brisbane really knows – that is, quite a lot!