Creative3 is an annual conference taking place in Brisbane, hosted by Creative Enterprise Australia. Over two days delegates focus on achieving commercial outcomes for the creative industries. The event consistently attracts a high calibre of speakers and a fascinating cross section of delegates. It’s pretty much impossible to bottle up the inspiration that was so freely handed out at this event, so what follows is is my paraphrasing of the wisdom shared by the speakers over the course of the two days.

Patrick van der Pijl – Business Model Studios
Starting a business is not just about the business plan. You have to give thought to designing the business model, talk to your customers and validate your concept before committing capital. Patrick has a great free online resource guide available for business model planning.

Kevin Finn – The SumOf
We all have the same amount of hours in a day, we just choose to use them differently. If you are self-initiating a project, you have to treat it as a client. You prioritise time and attention for it and ensure that you are giving it all the resources it needs to create repeat business for you.

Mitchell Davis – Live Gamer
Go where the market is for your business, and this is not always going to be Australia. Don’t be afraid to look to the US for your investors. Do your research properly. Move very, very fast and work hard all the time, because your competitors certainly are.

Paul Cameron – BookTrack
If you are going to call yourself an innovator, make sure you are actually innovating. Know your market, not just your industry. Consume what your customers are consuming. Get to market quickly and secure IP early. Read ‘Every Bastard Says No’.

Justine Bloom – The Village Agency
Communication is more like tennis than archery – it has to involve a little back and forth. Brave clients follow brave businesses. Be transparent, it will earn you respect quickly. It is ok to say no to opportunities. Collaboration can’t thrive within a hierarchy.

Pip Jamieson – The Loop
Government money doesn’t help build sustainable businesses. It’s a hard shift from corporate to start up. Successful businesses take time. One bad egg can ruin the productivity of an entire team. Celebrate the wins.

Thom Saunders
Game mechanics aren’t only used in games. Game design can help to visualise, share and interpret large amounts of data. Gaming can be a tool for you to get to know your customers. Historical data is a very valuable resource.

Vince Frost – Frost*
You can design your life in the same way that you would design a product. Many creatives are very bad at doing their own design and marketing. Pre-conceived ideas hinder the creative process. Get good at business – without business the work of creative is just art.

Ben Johnston – Josephmark
Sometimes you can find yourself playing in a pond where none of the fish look like you. With the massive potential for publishing provided by the internet, discovery has now become the main game. Many digital projects are treated as a sprint, the big opportunities lie in longer marathons.

Jean Huang Lundgren – You Tube
There is huge gaps for media producers and enablers in South East Asia. Gaps in the market exist for platform and technical experts, as well as content incubators. There is a rising interest in educational materials focusing on English, lifestyle content and comedy.

Kieran O’Hea – Brisbane City Council
We need less gadgetry and more strategy in the digital world. The capacity of the digital economy in Brisbane is currently behind the needs and demands in the digital society. To effectively move forward we need to be able to define and measure the digital economy.

Vince Bannon – Getty Images
Learn to except and embrace disruption. It’s happened before, the only difference is now it is happening faster. The internet is quickly changing from a textual place to a contextual place, opening up many business opportunities.