Last Monday, we headed to SydStart Spring 2012 – a large community-led startup conference showcasing what’s happening in the Australian tech startup scene.

Highlights included a chat with the chilled and humble Atlassian cofounder Mike Cannon Brookes, Mick Liubinskas keeping it real with talk about the Oz startup scene and Matt Barrie smoothly showcasing his software eating the world pitch (which apparently is a staple but blew me away with the sheer numbers).

The afternoon followed with a bucket load of pitches – I must admit, it was easy to tune in and out but among the noise, here were our top 10 startup pitches (in no particular order) from SydStart Spring 2012 that stood out:

Evolvex –> “Design and deliver your own custom made modular furniture”

Andable –> “ecommerce with a conscience”

Geodica TouchPass –> “Makes online transactions more secure”

Verify1st –> “Website reputation checks”

Teacher Time –> “Online resources and community for teachers”

Hire Me Up –> “Part time work job search”

Native Tongue –> “Language learning mobile apps”

Ninja Blocks –> “The API for atoms” (hardware hacking)

Start Some Good –> “Kickstarter for social good”

SydStart WINNER: ProcessGo –> “Compare and analyse enterprise processes”