This fortnight, our community ambassador Laura Menge chats to Katie Chatfield about life as a creative strategist in Sydney.

Photo by Gavin Heaton

Name: Katie Chatfield
Twitter: @katiechatfield
Website: Get Shouty blog
Works at: Jack Morton Worldwide

What are you excited about right now?

Learning new stuff always excites me, particularity new stuff about why people do things and how we might help people form more positive behaviors.

Where do you seek inspiration?

Everywhere. The sky. Reading both the back of cereal packets and non fiction and novels. Listening to people on the bus. Looking at the ocean. Having coffee with people smarter than me.

Who do you think is doing cool stuff in our industries?

It’s so hard to find out who our industry is doing cool stuff. I think the most interesting stuff is happening behind closed doors, and is about business transformation and social innovation. What I know about the best work is that the people who are doing it are far to busy doing it to talk about it. And their clients don’t want anyone else to know what’s being worked on. But cool stuff IS happening I swears!

What does a day in the life of a Creative Strategist at Jack Morton entail?

Reading, distilling, teaching, learning, collaborating, and maker-uppering.

What advice would you give to someone just starting off who wants to work in an agency?

That is a hard question – I can’t help but think that it depends on what you might want to do. If you want to be a creative then get involved in creative projects. If you want to be a strategist, then share your opinion. Be findable on Google – and network in real life. Ask for introductions. People really do love to help.

What’s next for your blog Get Shouty?

Get Shouty will continue to be a stream of consciousness strategist’s notebook. Hopefully I can share more of my sums soon.

What are some interesting trends you’re noticing in the online world?

For me the trend is the disappearance of the notion of online/offline. It’s all ‘the world’

What are some upcoming events you would recommend to The Fetch community?

FastBREAK is always a great idea. And the breakfast is an added bonus.

About our Ambassador // Laura Menge is an IT Recruitment Consultant at Peoplebank. Besides tech and connecting people, she is passionate about startups, digital and getting inspired while checking out the many events and happenings in Sydney. Connect with Laura via LinkedIn here.