Good Tech For Good Life.

If there is anything that immediately pops in your head when you think Wired [apart from handsome dads] that’s good tech. Wired is by far more than just a magazine. Right now it’s a lifestyle and a mindset, the place where the creme de la creme in tech resides and probably the single most influential curator bringing science to the geek masses.

Now take Wired’s most influential voices from the past 12 months and put them in the same room to discuss the future of the world. What you get are two days filled with conversations set to define tomorrow’s framework in technology, art and lifehacking. Top that with London’s hot creative heads and the final outcome can only consist of 48h of idea sharing bound to change your life as I’m typing. Welcome to Wired 2012.

As expected, there were some incredible speakers up on the stage. From business to music to data to art, there was an almost perfect combination between ambitious versus actionable ideas. The agenda (below) touched on subjects that influence the world as we are experiencing it today and you could not help but leave inspired to improve yourself and everything else around you as a result.

  • Rethink What You See
  • Re-designing the Non-Profit
  • The New Rules of Business
  • The Unfinished Social Revolution
  • Build a Social Business
  • The Future as Seen From the Lab I & II
  • The Power of Data
  • The Future of the City
  • Cyberwar
  • At the Creative Edge
  • Problem Solving Technology
  • Hackers and Makers

The Little Printer
It truly felt like a live edition of the magazine. But better.
Mainly because of the food. But also because of the gadget display which you could play with during the breaks. The stars of the show include the Carbon Fibre Bike by Rizoma, a delight both to the eye and the feet; the Data Necklace by Stef Lewandowski, an experiment in wearable data visualisation; the Little Printer by BergCloud which I’ve been dying to buy ever since the first announcement came out and plenty more.
MakerBot Replicator 2

My personal favourite by far was the MakerBot Replicator2, the latest in 3D desktop printing. There is something insanely attractive about being able to make things on your own and 3D printing has now brought the idea to a whole new level. The device is using something called PLA which is a renewable bio-plastic that allows you to make anything from household objects to jewellry.

At the end of the day I left The Old Truman Brewery happy that I managed to snatch my very own 3D printed Wired logo that is now nicely attached to my keychain. Having shaken hands with Lady Gaga’s manager and Natascha McElhone helped with satisfaction levels too. Big like.

Written by Andreea Magdalina, Community Ambassador in London. Community Manager @enternships/@mixcloud & yogurt addict. Follow her on Twitter @trrpaipai