You know what they say about time flying fast when you’re having fun? That’s exactly what Internet Week Europe was all about. An almost Matrix-like daily deluge with one small tweak: switch the falling numbers with a heap of events that delight all tastes and interests in the web, from the savviest to the less connoisseur.

Obviously us Fetchers could not miss it and instead we indulged in a series of events where we celebrated the internet industry and community in style. Friday was definitely the peak for me as I managed to snatch just enough time off to see three out of the many closing parties.

Let the spree begin.

#1 Soundcloud Sound School

Sound School is a 2012 Community Fellowship project to harness some of the knowledge that SoundClouders have about sound. The event that took place at Google Campus marked its culmination with a lively discussion on how new technology, particularly the web, is changing the face of music education.

There were Soundcloud freebies and there were singing games, all captured via tweets on a live sharypic photowall. Overall, a great example of how on- and offline can do wonders together by offering the attendees the opportunity to physically interact and digitally capture the experience. Which is more or less how the new kids are making music nowadays.

#2 Launch is a platform that wants to change the way in which people do good. It allows users to connect with over 160,000 UK charities and motivates them to increase their charitable activities using the power of social media and other trackers and aggregators.

The launch party took place at Mother London and they could not have chosen a better place to celebrate GOOD in a more creative and engaging way. The space is famous for its multiple adventures with culture in art and beyond and, progressively, in the digital space (check out their cool Tech City map here). The event was a great opportunity to mingle with creatives of all kind and chance made so that I come across the IWE festival director as well. Lovely lady for an lovelier week.

#3 The Instapaper #Edit1 Book Launch

I know what you’re thinking. Cool, a chance to meet the guys who built the app that helps me organise my reading better. Nevertheless, #edit1 of TheInstaPaper is actually a book that celebrates the new instant visual movement in photography. In the lines of the Sound School project, the Instapaper invites you to reflect on the integration of traditional photography within the new, fast-absorbing digital scape.

In spite of the name confusion, the event was no less interesting as it offered a chance to blend with some of the hip’est boys and girls in town. Taking place at L’ATELIER in the heart of Dalston, it brought together quite a different slice of the digitally minded public. From fashionistas to edgy filmmakers and avant garde musicians, I had an incredible evening refreshing my perspective of modern art.

Cheers to you Internet Week.

About our Ambassador // Written by Andreea Magdalina, Community Manager @enternships/@mixcloud and yogurt addict. Follow her on Twitter @trrpaipai.