As the end of 2012 approaches, we thought it’d be nice to have an update from our beloved city curators. Justin Strharsky in Perth shares some of his most appreciated events, spaces and top moments of 2012.

perthPerth during Kate’s visit in August

Best event for meeting people?

Silicon Beach Perth. It’s the most informal of our regular meetups, and a great chance to meet new people.

Best event for content shared and learnings?

Morning Startup. But I’ll admit a bit of bias here…

Personal event stye preference (breakfast/conference/workshop/etc/etc)?

Pass. Don’t have one.

Favourite source of local community news?

I presume you mean, besides The Fetch? Really, in Perth there’s been a lack of a single source for news and events focussed on our digital/design/entrepreneur community. When it comes to news, I take a bit of a grazing approach – I try to consume the best bits from several different pastures.

Favourite coworking space?

Spacecubed. Sync Labs if it’s Friday night.

Favourite cafe with wifi?

Moore & Moore in Fremantle.

What’s been a personal highlight and not so high moment of the year?

This year I celebrated my fifth wedding anniversary. Definitely a highlight. Lowlights this year have predominantly been the kind of setbacks we’re all challenged with. Nothing to complain about, thankfully.

What have you enjoyed about being involved with The Fetch in 2012?

The Fetch has given me a great excuse to ask some detailed questions of people. I really have enjoyed learning about some of the characters that make up our community. I’d like to thank those who agreed to be interviewed for sharing with us – I really appreciate it.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

There are a couple of projects in the works here that have the potential to give coherence and momentum to our community. I’m excited to see how they develop, and to contribute if I can.