On Tuesday 19 February, Solange Francois from The Fetch Community Ambassador Team in Sydney went along to the launch of Evernote Business in Australia and New Zealand. After the event, she had a few minutes to ask Evernote’s newly appointed COO, Ken Gullicksen a couple of questions.

Evernote Business Launch

Ken heads up Evernote Business and is Evernote’s COO. He was previously the Vice President of Corporate Development. Evernote Business is designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses (SMB), as well as workgroups in larger companies. With Evernote Business, employees can capture and recall important information, while discovering what others in the organisation know about certain topics.

Name: Ken Gullicksen
Currently: COO at Evernote
Lives in: San Francisco

What’s the best thing about Silicon Valley?
The diversity of the talent pool is amazing, as is the density of ideas coming from different people.

How does the Sydney tech startup scene compare? 
We met the guys at Pollenizer yesterday. They really get it. There are enough people in a small space that get it. This industry needs critical mass and we saw that at Pollenizer. They understand what it’s all about.

What attracted you to the position of VP of Corporate Development, followed by COO at Evernote?
I was a general partner for more than 10 years, growing the company from the outside. The opportunity came up to change sides and grow the company from the inside, and it’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing.

You’ve got an MBA from Stanford – do you recommend young people do the same for their careers?
An MBA gives a broader perspective and can help take you onto a different track. It’s not a silver bullet or a secret entry card. It isn’t a ‘must-have’ in the tech industry but is certainly a very good experience and each individual will take something unique from it.

Lastly, what is your favourite city in the world?
Every time I’m in a new city, it’s my favourite. I’m really enjoying Sydney – the food is fantastic, the people are warm and friendly. I hope to come back soon!

Thanks for sharing a few thoughts with The Fetch, Ken!

About our Ambassador // This article was contributed by Community Ambassador Solange Francois. She is a marketer and lover of creativity, great words, people and ads and has a passion for psychology and lifelong learning. You can connect with Solange through her blog or on Twitter @solangefrancois