This week, The Fetch London’s Community Ambassador, Alexandra Leslie spoke with Suds Singh, Founder of Personal Stylist in London

suds psil

Introduce yourself to the readers of The Fetch London!

My name is Suds Singh, founder of Personal Stylist in London. My family are from Nepal but I was brought up in London. Since leaving university I have worked mostly in sales, retail and ecommerce. I feel lucky to live in London, as there is always something to do and you can meet people from everywhere!

What is Personal Stylist in London?

Personal Stylist in London is a personal styling/shopping service, for anyone who would like professional help with their personal style or would simply like a style refresher.

How are you involved with Personal Stylist in London?

I founded the company about a year ago. I essentially coordinate and look after a very talented and creative team of personal stylists as well as a couple of interns and a team of bloggers who are based in and around London.

On a day to day basis I am responsible for overseeing the site/social media and also promotion of our service online as well as offline.

The Fetch comes in particularly handy as I often find lots of interesting events and activities to attend which is good for networking and promoting my company!

What type of clientele use your service?

The ethos of the company was to democratise and demystify fashion, and make style accessible to everyone. Our pricing model is fair, so it has been no surprise that our most regular and best customers are everyday folks!

Since we introduced our online styling via Skype package, we have been getting bookings from a far afield as Germany, Finland, UAE, Australia as well as Tunisia!

What sorts of services does PSIL offer?

We have three basic services, Refresher, where we spend half a day firstly getting to know you and then taking you shopping. Absolute which is slightly longer ideal if you would like to have a complete style makeover. Our most recent package Instant Stylist where we provide you with styling advice and tips via Skype!

Each of our styling packages comes with an after care and a handy style guide for you to keep. It contains lots of styling hints tips as well as a tailored list of style do’s and don’ts! The idea behind this is not just to dress someone and they will be stylish for a day but to teach our customers how to dress so he or she can be stylish for a lifetime!

What is the best style advice do you think you have ever received?

A smile is the ultimate accessory!

What is the best style advice do you think you have ever given?

If in doubt always wear black.

What’s the latest trend right now in London?

In my opinion London is one of the best dressed capitals in the world. The office or even the tube can sometimes feel like a fashion show. Instead of trying to keep up with an endlessly changing fashion trend we recommend our customers focus on building a timeless classic wardrobe.

Here are my top style tips:

  • When buying new clothes always go for quality
  • Make the most of what you already have, find a good tailor to amend or take in shirts/ jeans to create a bespoke look
  • Before shopping for clothes do your research:
  1. Identify a well-dressed celebrity who has a similar shape and figure to you and draw inspiration from their style.
  2. Don’t be shy about taking pictures/ magazine cut out’s and asking the shop assistant for help with finding the ideal look for you.
  • Don’t forget about grooming

About our Ambassador // Alexandra Leslie is a video blogger for and TechFluff.TV. She’s an American student in London, finding her way around the city one iPhone app at a time. Follow her on Twitter at @AlexandraLeslie