Yes, we know the movie Mean Girls. And stuff about dogs…

Believe or not, the naming behind The Fetch wasn’t modelled on either. 🙂

‘Fetch’ is simply a great verb to describe bringing lots of content or data sources together. You might notice when you’re pulling down refresh in an app or waiting for a feed to reload in a browser, it will say ‘fetching info’. It’s often used in programming. As The Fetch is all about curating different content feeds in one place (like events, news and jobs) – it was a literal way of saying we’ll fetch it for you. The closest thing would be a ball boy (or girl for political correctness ), hence why the logo is a tennis ball for now.

Mean Girls didn’t even enter my mind as a funny relation when choosing a name and it’s only since coming to America, that randos’ here bring it up. The effect of entertainment culture on the English language!

Now to make the verb, not adjective, happen. 😉