This week, our new anonymous contributor brings you 10 things of what not to do in your next interview. After spending many years on the other side of the table, outside of the fancy tech and creative industries, they’ve seen it all. 

1. Do not arrive too early, it’s annoying and can show desperation.

2. Do not arrive late, it’s an automatic fail.

3. Shake hands with a firm grip – and clean finger nails.

4. Do not sit in the interviewer’s chair by accident.

5. Do not turn up smelling of alcohol, weed or strong body odour.

6. Dress appropriately – this doesn’t include underwear on show, dirty shoes or leopard print.

7.  Do not lie, be boring or mumble.

8. Do not chew gum, whistle or bite your nails (and then flick them on the floor).

9. Do not text, wear earphones, or let your phone ring during the interview.

10. If you get the job say thank you!