On 9 July Damon Klotz from The Fetch City Ambassador team in London went along to Social CRM 2013 to learn about building valuable customer relationships through social media. 

#SCRM13 was a two-day workshop and conference that saw a combination of brands and thought leaders come together to talk about how social fits internally within an organisation and about how to move beyond just engagement and develop sustaining customer relationships. I’ve summarised some of the key points from the speakers and links to my favourite slideshares of the day.

  • A truly social organisation will make an organisation chart out of date as soon as it comes off the printer
  • Customer service is now a spectator sport. Learn fast or risk killing your business in public
  • Marketing and customer service are now more related than ever before
  • Social Media success internally is about letting go and making your role redundant. That’s when a social organisation exists
  • If you drop the social tag then people within the organisation won’t see you as such an outsider
  • You’re only as good as your last positive sentiment in social

Bian Salins from Now TV  raised the point that when you get rid of the social tag you’ll realise that the functions already exist within the business.

Social care = customer experience 

Social crisis = crisis management 

Social media marketing = one part of the marketing mix

Enterprise collaboration = collaboration

A fitting way to summarise the day was when Martin Hill-Wilson posed the question why should you do social media customer service? Because it’s the first real time corporate mirror. Service is now a strategic asset. Ben Kay from EE backed this up when he said that the first place the CEO heads to after a company announcement is the social hub (which I’m very jealous of as I bootstrap my way through social with only a MacBook in hand).

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About our Ambassador // Damon Klotz splits his time between being an intrepreneur at Ramsay Health Care where he heads up digital strategy. He also cofounded men’s mental health campaign, Soften The Fck Up, and blogs about the application of digital tools in business and the startup world.