“When you hear how other people think about things you discover new ways of solving problems. You never know how you might be able to apply that thinking to your own world/industry.”

I’m very excited to announce Fleur Fletcher as the new curator in our major city of Sydney. With that name, she was born for The Fetch! Fleur has been a long-time subscriber and has previously been involved in our City Ambassador Program for over a year so it’s great to have her step-up to our curatorial team. Fleur has a background in publishing, startups and marketing – and knows Sydney very well. Welcome Fleur!

Thanks also to our beloved outgoing curator Hannah DeMilta for an amazing two years in Sydney – you completely rocked it and have been a pleasure to collaborate with!

How did you end up where you are today? 

After starting in print publishing, I moved online to edit an online magazine. The marketing side also intrigued me, so interned at an agency to get some experience. By chance I heard about an entrepreneurial boot camp, and thankfully I had flexibility at the time to give it a go. There I met the guys from Pollenizer. I loved what they were doing, and I ended up working there for three years as a customer development manager. I’m now the Acquisition and Retention Manager at 12wbt.com.

Why did you want to get involved with The Fetch? 

I’m am forever sending friends and family articles that I think they will be interested in. The Fetch is one of my favourite resources, and being a Curator means I’ll get the same thrill of finding an awesome article/event/job for someone, but on a community scale (it will also give my family and friends a break for a while!). I also love hearing about and sharing other people’s cool stories – there’s so much to learn from the way others go about their business. I can’t wait to meet lots of people and hear what they’re up to!

What things excite you about our community right now? 

There are so many people with big dreams. It’s so exciting that people feel they are in charge and have the power to create the life they want.

What events do you recommend in Sydney?

There are so many types of events going on in Sydney. I recommend getting to as many types as possible. When you hear how other people think about things you discover new ways of solving problems. You never know how you might be able to apply that thinking to your own world/industry.

I always keep an eye out on The Opera House to see what talks they have going on. Creative MorningsWeb Directions, and Ignite. I look for anything around service design, and Brainmates also do good events. Because I’m interested in food and sustainability, I keep in touch with those areas through Feather and Bone and Real Food Projects.

What’s your favourite thing about your city? 

The food, the ocean and the space.

What’s unique about Sydney?

Sydney is a great combination of fast and slow. It can be as wild and fun, or as chilled and relaxed as you want it to be.

Where can we find you in Sydney? 

You’ll find me working in Surry Hills, cooking in my kitchen, swimming up at the northern beaches or breathing in the fresh air in the Blue Mountains.

How can we connect with you?

Connect through pictures on Instagram via @fleur29, or in text on Twitter via @fleurfletcher!

If you didn’t live in Sydney, where would you be? 

Copenhagen or California. Or anywhere close to the ocean, the snow and good local food.

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