We’re looking for passionate community-minded folks to join us in our City Ambassador program. What’s a City Ambassador you ask? Well, let us explain…

There’s so much going on in each city we fetch in and we’d love to cover more of it. Think in-depth interviews with inspirational people, global event wrap-ups with storytelling photography, news of the latest projects and initiatives from the ground and much more. The thing is we’re only one-curator strong in each city and with only so many hours in the week, it’s impossible to be across it all! So, we WANT you!

We love people who understand and get what we do, and who want to have an impact in their city. Here are the ways you can get involved with The Fetch:

  • Attend cool events (we’ll send you along) and spread the word to attendees
  • Profile thought leaders and people making stuff happen in your city
  • Be published on our blog by writing stories or putting together lists (like Coworking Guides)
  • Represent The Fetch in your city. You’ll receive our behind-the-scenes updates and be a part of the online discussion meaning you’ll be in the know
  • Be recognized as part of our ambassador team and get access to our internal private group
  • Get priority notice for our popular Dinner Conversations
  • Attend invite only events with other curators and ambassadors
  • This is a casual, volunteer, application-based involvement with some nice perks (amazing connections and events!)

This is a great way to help us help you and give back to your city’s ecosystem. It’s also a smart way to build your personal portfolio, find out first about relevant work opportunities and connect with amazing people out there doing it.

If you’re interested, simply pitch your involvement to the curator in your city. Full details can be found on our website here.

Here’s to fetchin’ and the future!