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Interview: London Local, Suds Singh — February 28, 2013

Interview: London Local, Suds Singh

This week, The Fetch London’s Community Ambassador, Alexandra Leslie spoke with Suds Singh, Founder of Personal Stylist in London

suds psil

Introduce yourself to the readers of The Fetch London!

My name is Suds Singh, founder of Personal Stylist in London. My family are from Nepal but I was brought up in London. Since leaving university I have worked mostly in sales, retail and ecommerce. I feel lucky to live in London, as there is always something to do and you can meet people from everywhere!

What is Personal Stylist in London?

Personal Stylist in London is a personal styling/shopping service, for anyone who would like professional help with their personal style or would simply like a style refresher.

How are you involved with Personal Stylist in London?

I founded the company about a year ago. I essentially coordinate and look after a very talented and creative team of personal stylists as well as a couple of interns and a team of bloggers who are based in and around London.

On a day to day basis I am responsible for overseeing the site/social media and also promotion of our service online as well as offline.

The Fetch comes in particularly handy as I often find lots of interesting events and activities to attend which is good for networking and promoting my company!

What type of clientele use your service?

The ethos of the company was to democratise and demystify fashion, and make style accessible to everyone. Our pricing model is fair, so it has been no surprise that our most regular and best customers are everyday folks!

Since we introduced our online styling via Skype package, we have been getting bookings from a far afield as Germany, Finland, UAE, Australia as well as Tunisia!

What sorts of services does PSIL offer?

We have three basic services, Refresher, where we spend half a day firstly getting to know you and then taking you shopping. Absolute which is slightly longer ideal if you would like to have a complete style makeover. Our most recent package Instant Stylist where we provide you with styling advice and tips via Skype!

Each of our styling packages comes with an after care and a handy style guide for you to keep. It contains lots of styling hints tips as well as a tailored list of style do’s and don’ts! The idea behind this is not just to dress someone and they will be stylish for a day but to teach our customers how to dress so he or she can be stylish for a lifetime!

What is the best style advice do you think you have ever received?

A smile is the ultimate accessory!

What is the best style advice do you think you have ever given?

If in doubt always wear black.

What’s the latest trend right now in London?

In my opinion London is one of the best dressed capitals in the world. The office or even the tube can sometimes feel like a fashion show. Instead of trying to keep up with an endlessly changing fashion trend we recommend our customers focus on building a timeless classic wardrobe.

Here are my top style tips:

  • When buying new clothes always go for quality
  • Make the most of what you already have, find a good tailor to amend or take in shirts/ jeans to create a bespoke look
  • Before shopping for clothes do your research:
  1. Identify a well-dressed celebrity who has a similar shape and figure to you and draw inspiration from their style.
  2. Don’t be shy about taking pictures/ magazine cut out’s and asking the shop assistant for help with finding the ideal look for you.
  • Don’t forget about grooming

About our Ambassador // Alexandra Leslie is a video blogger for and TechFluff.TV. She’s an American student in London, finding her way around the city one iPhone app at a time. Follow her on Twitter at @AlexandraLeslie

Event Review – Raw: Ensemble — October 1, 2012

Event Review – Raw: Ensemble

What: RAW Brisbane: Ensemble
Where: Oh Hello!
When: 26 September 2012
Reviewed by: Steph Dooris and Andrew Watt, Brisbane Ambassadors

Somewhere between the visual art, samba dance routine and fashion shows, Steph and I looked at each other and realised: what a crazy amount of diverse talent exists in the Brisbane arts scene.

RAW Artists is an independent arts organisation originally from the United States, but last month saw their first international showcase at Oh Hello in Fortitude Valley. With RAW’s fourth showcase in Brisbane, dubbed “Ensemble” the organisation is fast solidifying itself as the hub of Brisbane’s art community.

After both attending the launch of RAW last month, Steph and I were eager to get along to the second Brisbane showcase and check out the fresh batch of artist’s work on show. Yet again we were dazzled with a slew of visual art, photography, music, fashion, dance, hair and makeup that our city’s art scene is bursting at the seams with talent.

This time around we wanted to connect with more of the attendees, and hopefully suss out some juicy information from them. As we floated through Oh Hello! mingling with the crowd, drinks in our hand, we got chatting to some interesting personalities and decided to share their opinions with you.

Nicki and Linda (exhibitor)

Thoughts so far: I’m loving tonight so far! I can’t wait for the showcases to begin. We’re very excited.
Excited about: The work by the other designers on the runway. I can really relate to how excited they will be. So far tonight has been a lot of fun.

I’ve met a lot of fun people and there were lots of fun behind the scenes. Hair and make up was really great. But we’re really just excited for the show to start.

Brad, Sonya, Emma

First time? Yes
Discovered RAW through: Zanee, my sister, is one of the design exhibitors here. She’s awesome.
Excited about: I’m quite excited to see the bands. I’ve been told that they’re quite good.
Three words for tonight: Raw, energetic, Zanee


Discovered RAW through: My friend, Megan Lumley, has art in tonight’s exhibit and she was like ‘Come along!’ So I thought OK because I haven’t seen her art before. But it’s really amazing and I’m really excited.

Everyone’s art tonight is really cool. I’m enjoying it a lot.
Inspired by: Damien Hirst. I love the skull he did that’s covered in diamonds! I really like him and he has really controversial artwork that I think are interesting.

Alex Gee (exhibitor)

Excited about: I really enjoy the photography, actually. I think I’m just attracted to photography in general and to see good work coming out of Brisbane is always exciting.
Inspired by: The studio that I work with inspires me every day. I work for Breeder, which is a part of another company called Josephmark. We’re doing really exciting things for a lot of really exciting clients, Myspace being one of them.
Points for: All of it. It all rocks.


Discovered RAW through: I was here to visit Kahlia Litzow, one of the artists. I’m really glad I came because I’ve been introduced to so many other amazing people as well. It’s been great.
Inspired by: It’s sort of hard to say because I’m not really involved in the arty scene. But I have been looking at a lot of burlesque stuff so I guess that’s been inspiring me.
Points for: It’s nice to have a bar where you get spirits, you can’t really do that at other art exhibitions so that’s definitely a plus.

Jose and Jacob

Thoughts so far: Jose: The art is really nice. I really like it. And all the artists are really friendly as well, so its great. Jacob: I’ve really liked the art tonight. It’s very good. Really diverse, as well.
Excited by: Jose: I like Fleur‘s work. She’s my friend’s sister. It reminds me a lot of Agnes Cecile, which is good.

Jacob: My favourite would probably have to be the landscape photography.

Three words for tonight: Jose Indie, fashion, art. Jacob: Lively, inspired, art.


Thoughts so far: I think the fashion show is definitely the most exciting part of the night. I also love all the artwork as well. I think it’s really good to get young artists out there.
Inspired by: Everything in Brisbane. Everything and anything that looks good to my eyes, which in Brisbane there is a lot.
Three words for tonight: Really fucking awesome.

Andrew and Steph attended the Ensemble showcase courtesy of RAW Brisbane. The next RAW event is on the 24 of October at Oh Hello!

Interview: Stefan Siegel of Not Just A Label — September 14, 2012

Interview: Stefan Siegel of Not Just A Label

London Community Ambassador Amanda Foley had a chat with London-based entrepreneur Stefan Siegel of Not Just A Label

NOT JUST A LABEL” is all about exposing and promoting newbie fashion designers. Do you have a background in fashion yourself?

I gained experience in the fashion and media industry during my Economics studies. After graduation I joined the world of finance, working among others for Merrill Lynch’s Investment Banking arm in London and New York, focusing on the Consumer & Retail sector. The idea to start something new came when one sunny afternoon I realised I did not want to work for a bank any longer, my brother and I also knew a lot of aspiring designers who were telling us about their difficulties and one thing lead to another. We started NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) with no clear immediate revenue model, we just wanted to become a credible platform with a legitimate business reason, money was secondary and it paid off.

 Can you tell us a bit about how the site works? 

NJAL showcases and nurtures today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion. Working as a digital launch pad for emerging designers, NJAL succeeds in providing a free-of-charge space where talent is showcased to a global audience. After launching in 2008, NJAL was quick to become the fastest growing platform of its kind. With over 9,500 designers in 98 countries, we represent the largest conglomerate on young fashion designers. By insisting that no young designer should be forced to pay a large sum to get the exposure they deserve, we provide designers with an all-encompassing digital space to kick-start their careers. NJAL finds its most supportive partners in the leading design schools, publications and luxury fashion brands; credibility is crucial for our business.

 How did you come up with the idea for not just a label? 

NOT JUST A LABEL is based on an idea that came to my and my brother Daniel. We realised that the Internet can act as a networking platform for future fashion designers and those who are ready to present and sell their collections to the world. The industry lacked such a platform; we wanted recruiting and trend scouting for fashion designers to be carried out on NJAL without geographical limits… literally a global showcase. Even if we all have strong business backgrounds, we saw this project as rather a cultural experiment. To date we still cannot find the right word to describe our business, perhaps because it has never been done. The actual platform and database was just a start, but combining thousands of creatives around the world made sure that the energy and power of this community evolved into a concept that, I believe, creates more and more opportunities by the day. My personal goal is to demonstrate a new way of doing business, by being completely transparent and disregarding politics and borders, we simply erase old systems, and we act as an accelerator and aggregator and put ‘fashion’ back in the hand of talents and artisans. By doing so, we create a new form of luxury, authentic and sustainable.

Did the stylish City of London play a part in the inspiration to create a network for fashion designers? 

Yes, I think I could give you a thousand reasons why London is the right city; schools such as Central St. Martins, London College of Fashion and the Royal College of Art provide the highest education in fashion design, nurturing creativity. Not only do the leading schools in this city provide the right education, but the vibrant ecosystem that is vital for young companies to grow. We are also working with the Government on plans to make East London the international hub for emerging designers. Of course there are enough reasons to leave London too, but this might be food for the next discussion. It is however important to say that fashion has also become a global business, we find designers in the most remote corners of this world and by having a good internet connection and a functioning airport, their reach can be global and their inspiration as well as production local: glocalisation in fashion I guess.

Have any designers reached out to you about positively impacting their careers? 

With close to 10,000 designers and a network that is highly dynamic, we can most certainly change careers for designers. Our media partners range from Vogue to Wallpaper*, we organize showcasing opportunities globally and designers now even tell us about collaborating with other members on the platform to reduce production costs, profit from synergies and showcase together. NJAL has already discovered the likes of Damir Doma, Mary Katrantzou, Rad Hourani, and Patrick Mohr. On a monthly basis close to 200 new talents are invited to join NJAL and we herd stable of over 800 ‘Black Sheep’ designers who we believe have the potential to ‘fashion the future’.

You must get to attend a lot of exciting events in the fashion world in London (and elsewhere!). What’s your favourite fashion-related event in London every year?

One might expect me to say Fashion Week. But when you cover over 90,000 miles a year to see every fashion week on the planet, you start appreciating events that are boutique and that have an actual impact for the artisans and creators. Graduate shows are always very exciting, but I also love to visit the universities and lecture during the Industry Presentations at the various colleges.

Finally, what advice would you have for any aspiring entrepreneurs?

I wish I had more time and space, it would be a long list of dos and donts. Just remember that trends come and go, starting up a business is the current plat-du-jour. When you have survived the first couple of years you will realise that running a business is not a lottery, regardless of what VC’s tell you. It is about real people, real values, long-term growth and credibility. Changing the world is never easy, but we are young, the world needs us and we gotta give it a shot with all our hearts.

Video: RAW Brisbane: Radiate — September 2, 2012

Video: RAW Brisbane: Radiate

Fetchers Andrew and Steph headed to Oh Hello for the second RAW Brisbane showcase, Radiate. Designed to throw a spotlight on independent creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair and makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art, this action filled exhibition is a highlight of Brisbane’s creative calendar.

The next RAW Brisbane event is scheduled for 26 September. Full details online.

Event Review: Undress 101: Sustainable Fashion Network Night — August 20, 2012

Event Review: Undress 101: Sustainable Fashion Network Night

Undress Brisbane

When: Friday 17 August 2012
Where: X&Y Bar, Fortitude Valley
Organised by: Undress Brisbane
Recap by: Brisbane Ambassador, Amilia Cunningham

After working a 10 hour day running an event at work, you’d think the last thing I would want to do would be to go to another event, but having heard great things about Undress Brisbane, I didn’t want to miss it.

Now, to be honest, my knowledge of the fashion industry comes from a couple of magazines, and that recent US reality show, Fashion Star. To sum it up, I pretty much know nothing. I particularly didn’t know how unsustainable some industry practices were.  So I went along to Undress 101: Sustainable Fashion Network Night for The Fetch Brisbane to scope out what’s happening in the sustainable fashion realm.

Downstairs at X&Y, the music was pumping and the mojitos were cheap. My sidekick and I were amongst a small, happy group of mostly women, to hear all about sustainable fashion from three guest speakers.

To quote Undress Brisbane themselves, sustainable fashion is about being friendly to the environment, and responsible for our resources.  With that in mind, they’ve created a number of events to showcase fashion, designers and organisations where sustainability is core to their values.

The first speaker up in the Q&A session was Louise Falzon, from sustainable fashion label, A Pot of Tea Under a Tree.  Inspired by her grandmother, Louise knew at a young age that she wanted to be a fashion designer. But as she studied fashion, the realisation hit that industry practice was too incongruent to her own personal values and style. After a bit of soul searching, traveling and plenty of drawing, Louise began her own fashion label, and now creates beautiful custom pieces using only sustainable fabrics and mostly sustainable design practices.

After a brief break, we were introduced to the next speakers, Rozina Suliman and Brooke Nelson from Reverse Garbage, a not-for-profit co-operative promoting environmental sustainability.  They have a warehouse in Woolloongabba, selling offcuts and discarded industrial materials that may have ended up as garbage (tip: if you love to search DIY on Pinterest for inspired craft ideas, I encourage you to head to Reverse Garbage to see what you can pick up). Rozina and Brooke talked about the ethos of the organisation and how they’ve expanded to include Reverse Emporium, where they sell beautiful items that have already been repurposed from random bits and pieces in the warehouse.  Reverse Garbage also runs a series of workshops, for both kids and adults, to educate people about the environment in a fun, arty way.

So, summing up, what did you miss? A fun girl’s night out with a great message about how we can all be a little more sustainable.

The next Undress Brisbane event is the annual fashion show, on October 13 2012.

About Amilia: Amilia Cunningham coordinates professional development events for QUT Business School students.  In her spare time, she loves to tackle big projects, her most recent one – building her house.  In her downtime, she’s an avid pinner, and loves nothing more than hanging out with her nieces and nephew.

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