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Curator Year in Review 2012: Hannah in Sydney — December 9, 2012

Curator Year in Review 2012: Hannah in Sydney

As the end of 2012 approaches, we thought it’d be nice to have an update from our beloved city curators.  Hannah DeMilta in Sydney shares some of her most appreciated events, spaces and top moments of 2012.

“H” is for Hannah
Hanging out at the Biennale of Sydney at Cockatoo Island

Best event for meeting people?

It depends who you want to meet, but I’ve met a lot of amazing people over the couple years from Travel Massive in Sydney. We often get people who are passing though on their travels to stop by as well.

Best event for content shared and learnings?

One of the best talks I’ve been to this year was Portable Presents Frank Chimero. Vivid Sydney put on an excellent lineup as part of the Vivid Ideas Exchange Forum this year in general, and that particular stuck with me. ProBlogger Training Day (actually in Melbourne) was another highlight in terms of content and learning. That was an excellent program, and one of the best conferences I’ve been to over the last couple years.

Personal event style preference?

I enjoy a variety of event styles – I think has little to do with format, but rather execution and organisation most of the time. I like having time to meet and chat with others so I appreciate event formats and venues that cater to that (nothing too noisey or crowded). I also love when event hosts take time to introduce and connect people in the room. It adds a lot of value to those attending.

Favourite source of local community news?

The Fetch? Oh no wait… I follow a lot of smart people on Twitter who always seem to know what’s happening. I’m also a fan of the Silicon Beach Google Group for a pulse on what’s happening in the start-up community.

Favourite coworking space?

I’ve actually been have people come cowork with me at my office this year. However, I would say it was lovely to welcome The Workbench to Sydney. I was there for a Jelly day a few months ago and discovered “Laksa Fridays” a weekly (and delicious) tradition.

Favourite cafe with WiFi?

Sur Bourke is an amazing little spot. They have free Wifi, power points, tasty food and coffees.

What’s been a personal highlight and not so high moment of the year?

Good question. This year has felt like a bit of a roller coaster ride. I started a new job with Rocketman Media, and that was definitely a highlight, but it was tough to say goodbye to my colleagues from my previous company. I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful new friendships in Sydney, and at the same time I’ve had some moments of homesickness. I suppose that’s expat life (or life in general) though.

What have you enjoyed about being involved with The Fetch in 2012?

I have loved watching The Fetch grow this year. I know it’s silly, but I still get giddy meeting people at events who tell me they subscribe and enjoy reading it. Its a passion project for me and always means a lot to get that positive feedback. Launching the Community Ambassador program has been another great step forward this year. The community and support from that crew has been wonderful, and I’m looking forward to working with everyone next year as well.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

In terms of The Fetch, I’m looking forward to even more goodness in terms of growth and partnerships in the Sydney community. I hope that the newsletter continues to delight and be a valuable resource to our readers. Personally, I have a few creative-ish projects that I’ll bring to life next year, also planning on traveling to some new places. Fun times ahead my friends!

Event Review: Portable Presents Frank Chimero — June 12, 2012

Event Review: Portable Presents Frank Chimero

I attended an inspiring talk last Friday with Frank Chimero put on by Portable. We were back for an afternoon session at the Vivid Ideas Exchange held at the MCA. An influencer in the design arena, Frank has worked with leading businesses worldwide such as The New York Times, Nike, WIRED, Microsoft, Facebook and more. However, on this Australian speaking tour Frank shared less about his own portfolio and more about his thoughts on design thinking, defining good design and the creative “search” we were challenged to take.

I often find myself most inspired by events and meet-ups that reach beyond my usual work. I must confess, sitting in a room of designers listening to a talk on design thinking (when you’re not a designer) is wonderful. After all, design thinking touches more than just those who actively work in the field. The messages around technology’s growing role in our work and the potential to design a better future rang true with me as someone who identified as a digital marketer and perhaps just ‘creative person.’

One thing that really stuck with me was Frank’s message around the path that we take when creating. He said that he often does things the long, hard and stupid way. He swears and makes the people around him miserable throughout a project. While it’s painful at the time, in the end that hard work is seen by the world. Others can see when someone puts time and care into a project and the audience appreciates it for that reason. We recognise good design when it delights us.

I often feel this way when I’m writing the fortnightly Sydney Fetch (I promise I don’t swear when curating the Fetch). I take my time pulling each link manually. There are quicker ways we could populate the newsletter, but I like to think that some of this manual process can be seen by our readers — that they can see the care and thought that was put into it.

Frank also shared, that as creative people, he thinks we don’t shy away from the difficult path.  We are willing to take on the hard work and go on “the search” in our careers and ask the tough questions. Something that I think many friends of the Fetch can identify with.

Thank you Frank Chimero and Portable for a great event.

What inspired you this week? Let us know, leave a comment below. 

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