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Mapping the future of The Fetch: Kickstarter campaign now live — August 23, 2014

Mapping the future of The Fetch: Kickstarter campaign now live

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The past three years have been an exciting whirlwind of a journey, as The Fetch grew from its humble beginnings as an email newsletter and side project into a vibrant and diverse community of professionals from around the globe. We’ve proudly watched it evolve, and even outgrow itself. This is a good challenge to have, and one that we’re now tackling with all of our passion – but we need our community’s continued support to make it a reality.

“Since becoming the Melbourne Curator, my life has changed dramatically in a very positive way. It’s truly been an ongoing journey of personal learning and professional growth. The Fetch has provided me with the opportunity to meet an exciting network of people across the digital, tech and creative industries who are eager to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. ~ Kat Loughrey, Curator of The Fetch Melbourne

In order to build a true curated city guide for professionals across the globe, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign. There, you’ll learn more about our mission and what you can expect from The Fetch if we get your backing. We believe that in this cluttered, crazy digital world, in-person interactions are more important than ever, and we want to be the catalyst to make those happen.

We hope that you decide to support the campaign, and help us mold the future of The Fetch. We can’t thank all of our community members enough for all of your support and dedication. To help make this campaign a success, please share it with your friends.

In case you’re new to The Fetch community, here’s some insight from some of our amazing community members:

“I regularly recommend The Fetch to people looking to get involved in their local startup scenes — it’s quick, informative and brilliant. As a weekly reader, I’m a huge fan.” ~ Kathryn Minshew, Co-founder & CEO, The Muse


“The Fetch has allowed me to invest in my own growth. I have been able to forge new friendships, develop skills and pursue unexpected interests because of what The Fetch has put in my path. As a result of the things I am aware of in my community, I have become better equipped at guiding other people towards the resources they need to fuel their own aspirations and endeavours.” ~ Jackie Antig, City Ambassador.


“To feel the pulse of a city’s tech scene, I recommend subscribing to The Fetch. Regardless of whether you’re making in-roads into creative communities, or wanting to attend a web metrics meetup, each issue will have you both scrambling for your calendar and reading up on new and interesting projects!” ~ Rosanne de Vries, Community Manager, Campaign Monitor

Thank you again and we look forward to building something great with you!

Back the campaign now here:

Our heart’s in San Francisco — June 22, 2012

Our heart’s in San Francisco

We’re pleased to share we’ve recently launched in San Francisco! Yes, in the height of the beautiful sunny summer, we’ve started fetching the best of this busy city. This also includes our foray into the US, which we know will pose many challenges yet amazing opportunities. But yay, we’re here and focused!

At the moment, there won’t be the usual ‘welcome interview’ for this city’s curator as it’s something I’m taking on (it’s felt like my home for years) and I’m sure you know enough about my story already. 🙂

So, if you want to discover the best of your local community with a focus on business, entrepreneurship, digital, tech, design, creative and culture happenings, be sure to get on the list. You can view our latest send here.

Next up, New York, New York!

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Hello Lani – our Brisbane fetcher — November 1, 2011

Hello Lani – our Brisbane fetcher

We’re going north! Yes, this time to sunny Brisbane or Brisvegas (if the term applies). *With the Brisbane fetch, we’re also going to showcase what’s happening in the Gold Coast and the broader QLDs region to make the most of what’s on offer.

Follow our growth into Sydney, we thought the natural thing to do would be to keep going and continuing to share the goodness. I’m especially pleased as Lani Pauli, someone who I’ve admired and listened to online for some years is going to lead the city as curator. Lani will be sharing the best events, meetups, community news, jobs and more in each fortnight’s fetch. You can submit items to her via email here and don’t forget to subscribe on so it gets delivered straight to your box. Our first green-themed fetch will be sent in mid-November. As part of Lani’s welcome, we put a few questions to her below!

Lovely Lani

How did you end up where you are today?

I studied journalism and PR at university with the belief I’d be a hard-hitting journo but soon discovered I enjoyed PR more and set off to Sydney to make my name. I stayed in Sydney until 2008 before moving back to Brisbane. I’ve always been a bit of a geek and I found with the emergence of “everything digital” it was where I was naturally gravitating. I took the step away from PR in 2011 and now work with The Brio Group. I’m still not sure exactly how I ended up here but I can tell you I love the “mish-mash” my career and interests entail: editor, content strategist, digital strategist, curator and more.

What makes you tick? What makes you ick?

The way our digital lives and analogue (offline) lives are integrating into one. Food (cooking, eating, shopping for, reading about nutrition), travel, coffee, movies and books are probably the other biggest ‘ticks’ in my life. My icks would have to be rude people, negativity and wastefulness.

Why do you love ‘fetchin?

I love the way we can bring together tailored pockets of information about cities, events, fashion, art – really any topic of interest to an individual or group.

What things excite you about our community right now?

Brisbane is still teetering on the edge of its potential. As a city we’ve grown up a lot and we’re working on making our mark but we’re still not quite there. I’m excited by the potential we have as a community to show that Brisbane has the digital goods.

What’s your favourite thing about your city?

There’s plenty I love about Brisbane from the State Library to little community pockets like Bulimba, Paddington and West End. Mostly, I live the “vibe” here. It’s relaxed, friendly but open to opportunity. There’s a chance to make your mark here.

Where can we find you in Brisbane?

You’ll find me trying many of the cafes here as I’m (very) slowly working my way through a list of Brisbane’s Best Breakfasts, seeing a movie at The Barrack’s Palace Cinemas or at various events.

How can we connect with you?

You can tweet me, email me and check out my blog. Follow @thefetchbris and ‘like’ us on Facebook to keep up with what’s happening in Brisbane. Please reach out and introduce yourself, I’d like to meet you in person at a local upcoming event.

Hello Hannah – our Sydney fetcher — September 21, 2011

Hello Hannah – our Sydney fetcher

After our recent callout for a Sydney curator, we were lucky enough to find the amazing and super-social Hannah DeMilta. Hannah will be sharing the best events, meetups, community news, jobs and more in each fortnight’s fetch. You can submit items to her via email here and don’t forget to subscribe on Our next pink-themed fetch will be sent on 26 September. We welcome her to fetch land with some questions!

How did you end up where you are today?

I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio but fell in love with Australia and knew I had to come live here. I was working for a startup after graduation, then landed my current job with Switched on Media on Twitter and moved to Sydney. Now I get to work and play in this lovely city. I love soaking up everything Sydney has to offer.

What makes you tick? What makes you ick?

People make tick. I’m driven by relationships and helping others. Other ‘tick tocks’ include travel, tennis, tweeting, good eats and drinks with friends. My ick is rude people and black olives. I love so many different flavours, but those olives are yucky. And rude people, they’re yucky too.

Why do you love fetchin’?

I love fetchin because it’s all about connecting others and getting people together. Business, creative and digital events aren’t meant to be work, they’re meant to be fun. If that hasn’t been your experience, you’re hanging out at the wrong events my friend.

What things excite you about our community right now?

I get really excited about some of the arts and creative focused communities in Sydney. While I work in digital and I’m constantly learning in that field, it’s the events with a creative slant that help inspire me. In fact, if you’re headed to an interesting arts related event, please invite me along.

What’s your favourite thing about your city?

I love that Sydney is a huge city with so much to do, but can still feel small and connected. Everyone here is somehow seems tied to one another and it’s not uncommon to run into a friend down at the pub.

Where can we find you in Sydney?

You can find me having brunch in Surry Hills, enjoying a flat white.

How can we connect with you?

You can tweet meemail mecheck out my blog. Follow @thefetchsyd and ‘like’ us on Facebook to keep up with what’s happening in Sydney. Please reach out and introduce yourself, I’d like to meet you in person at a local upcoming event.

Get a taste of The Fetch Sydney via our launch issue!

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