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Job: The Fetch seeks rockstar developer (who doesn’t call themselves one) — October 1, 2012

Job: The Fetch seeks rockstar developer (who doesn’t call themselves one)

Ninja by Vicki Brown

OK, as much as I would usually shy away from using a post to find people to work with, we’re lucky in that we have a filtered list of amazing talent right here on The Fetch. This time things are a little exciting as we’re looking to take our own team to the next level. If you’re an A-player, ninja, rockstar, guru and coding God/dess – you might be existentially conflicted but we don’t mind, we want to chat… (I’ll also stop paying out cliché recruitment ads and get to it!)

At the moment, it feels like things are happening so fast as we ride our growth graph up and to the right that we need to get more help on our tech. So, what does that look like?

We’re building a platform, and most importantly a community, for people wanting to share and discover what’s going on in their city. In a year we’ve gone from one to eight cities, reaching bucket loads of people through word of mouth alone. What started as a side-project has turned into the place professionals are going and trusting to find out what’s happening. Whenever there’s a dull moment, it just takes a second to look at the love emails or grateful tweets to refocus. It may not be the sexiest or most gimmicky startup of the day but hey, we have the buzz with the ‘solomo‘ action and really satisfy a need.

This is only the beginning however! Our MVP is serving us well but we’ve got lots more to do, build and ship.

As someone who’s been absorbed in startups and their philosophy for the good part of five years, I tend to prescribe (and break the rules where applicable) to certain methodologies. Instagram concentrated on owning and doing one thing well, Airbnb crushes it with community and service (plus design, UX, content, etc. etc.) and   the 37Signals crew are refreshing with their anti-Valley leanness and sustainability. This isn’t about bulk – it’s solid product-market fit, positioning, simplicity, storytelling and hours of measuring/testing/growth hacking.

We’re a small team at The Fetch HQ with an incredible extended network of switched-on and passionate curators and ambassadors. We’re looking for a freelance developer (back-end predominantly) initially but there is the massive opportunity to have an impact and join us full time in a few months.

  • We use Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Git, Heroku, WordPress, Campaign Monitor and multiple APIs in our day-to-day activities. HTML/CSS too of course
  • Our stack is always up for debate though and we hope you’ll review it with us
  • We’d love someone who’s toyed around with the sociograph and web’s distribution fire-hoses
  • We’d love someone who just gets The Fetch and is aligned with our vision
  • We’d love someone who laughs in the face of uncertainty and can handle changing priorities (and many of them!)
  • We’d love organised and proactive doers
  • We’re location agnostic at the moment
  • $$$ will be dependent on your experience/portfolio and time availability (shoot through your GitHub, Dribbble, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)


Email to arrange a Skype or coffee chat, and we’ll go from there.

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Never stop learning! A London guide to short courses and workshops — July 13, 2012

Never stop learning! A London guide to short courses and workshops

You may have left school and formal education years ago, but this week London curator, Chloe Nicholls, has put together a list of places that regularly hold short courses, adult training and workshops to ensure you never stop learning. She’s also listed some popular online education and learning websites, so you can learn new skills and, who knows, perhaps you may even become a teacher yourself one day?


General Assembly London

Recently launched in London last month, General Assembly is a global network of campuses for individuals seeking opportunity and education in technology, business, and design. You can learn anything from Management Reporting for Entrepreneurs, to Mobile Marketing and Front-End Web Development.


The School of Life

The School of Life is a cultural enterprise offering intelligent instruction on how to lead a fulfilled life. They offer classes, workshops and books on topics such as how to find a job you love, a mindfullness one-day workshop and an overnight talk with a Magnum photographer, Martin Parr. 

Got an awesome startup idea but don’t know how to code? Then join one of the tailored classes at Decoded, which is offers a one day workshop teaching anyone to code.  Code from scratch a multi-platform app in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the languages behind all modern web apps and sites.

Ideas Store

Ideas Store may look just like a library but it’s more than just books! With several locations based around East London, Ideas Store offers free courses, business help and learning opportunities.


InnerSpace is a meditation and personal development centre based in Covent Garden. As Ferris Buller once said, ‘life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’ Head to InnerSpace and take in some relaxation. Join one of their meditation courses, or even explore some of their talks such as S.T.O.P. the Stress and Anxiety & Fear.

If that wasn’t enough for you, there are also some great sites revolutionising online education and creating a community of students and teachers who are eager to learn new skills and be inspired by new ideas! Check out Chloe’s recommendations below:

Skillshare – Learn anything from anyone, anywhere.

Udemy – Amazing Instructors. Teaching the World.

Khanacademy – Trying to make a world-class education available to anyone, anywhere.

Gidsy – A place where anyone can explore, organize and book unique things to do.

Any we have missed? Tell us in the comments below!

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