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December link-love – what we’re reading — December 16, 2013

December link-love – what we’re reading


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Link Love Roundup — June 10, 2013

Link Love Roundup


The next time you take a 10-minute break, check out these 10 reads we’ve gathered this week.

  1. Ignore The News by Stef Lewandowski
  2. On Online Communities, Burnout, & Feeling Like Not Enough by Meighan O’Toole
  3. Cutting The Bullshit by Chris Yeh
  4. Stop Trying To Be So Human by Gareth Kay
  5. We Are All Internet Addicts by Jared Keller
  6. Don’t Sell Your Time For A Living by Andrew Chen
  7. Email Is People by Whitney Hess
  8. Choose Collaboration Over Competition by Courtney Carver
  9. The Quiet Ones by Tim Kreider
  10. Beyond Money And Power by Arianna Huffington

Thanks to Melbourne Curator Kat Loughrey for link contribution. 

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