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News: Amanda Palmer’s winning TED 2013 talk — March 2, 2013

News: Amanda Palmer’s winning TED 2013 talk

Amanda Palmer has pretty much become a household name in crowdfunding – she raised over $1.1 million on Kickstarter (after asking for $100,000) to launch her new album. She’s just wrapped up speaking at this year’s TED conference in California, where the talk received rave reviews. She spoke about how her experience as a statue (aka street performer) was applicable to the future of the music industry. Ultimately, it’s about how we can connect with people in a way that allows them to help you. It’s the art of asking and letting.

The talk also encapsulate our explorer ethos at The Fetch with Amanda discussing her global roaming and couch surfing experiences.


Event Review: TEDx Macquarie University – No Boundaries — September 2, 2012

Event Review: TEDx Macquarie University – No Boundaries

I must admit I like my weekend sleep-ins, but there are some events worth waking up for. At least, that’s what I kept telling myself when I was on the train to Macquarie University early Saturday morning for the start of TEDx. However, I most certainly wasn’t the only one. More than 320 attendees, partners and team members were part of this year’s event.  As soon as I arrived, I was glad I had. I was greeted by the friendly student volunteers and a delicious coffee (thanks Emily and the Fresh Ground team).

For those unfamiliar with idea of TEDx, these are independently organised TED events – with themes and guidelines from the original TED (Technology Entertainment and Global) conference to discuss “ideas worth sharing.” There have now been more than 16,000 talks, given at more than 3,200 TEDx events in 130+ countries.

This was TEDx Macquarie University’s second year, and it was great to be back a second time to see how it had grown.  I think it’s great when localised versions of events such as TEDx find ways to tie in and work with the community. Some of our inspirational speakers were also professors at the university, and many of the event staff and organisers were either current students, or alumni.  It was these little touches throughout the day that helped make this TEDx event unique and unique to Macquarie University.

Thanks to Liam Darmondy, Jarryd Daymond and the TEDx team for hosting and all the great speakers who came and inspired us. Videos of the talks will be available soon on the YouTube channel, and the photos are posted here.

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