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December link-love – what we’re reading — December 16, 2013

December link-love – what we’re reading


In each email digest of The Fetch, we bring you a hand-picked round-up of what we’ve been reading that week. If you missed the latest, check them out:

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How to move cities without feeling lonely — December 10, 2013

How to move cities without feeling lonely


When moving places, people experience first a sense of loss, dislocation, alienation and isolation, which leads to processes of acculturation. Sarina Quinlan tells her story.

Over five years ago, I packed my bags and said goodbye to a life in Staines, United Kingdom. I’d lived there, in the same house, my entire life. Traveling and working in Europe, America and Australia as a music journalist and marketing manager, I felt confidently schooled on cultural differences and happy to live anywhere.

On 14 August 2008, 80% of my possessions were hand delivered to a local charity shop and with zero emotional and physical preparation, I was alone, homeless, jobless, ecstatic, and bound for Brisbane. From personal experience, here’s how to beat the loneliness demon and get connected to your new life.

Before you leave

Be aware of the emotional impact of starting a your life in unfamiliar territory, consider the dislocation, the home sickness and the loss of the presence of your support network. Don’t expect to hop, skip and jump over the dramatic changes you experience, give yourself a break. To reduce the natural shock, plot exciting activities to do once you’ve found your new digs. Plan to explore.

When you get there

For those looking to kickstart your own venture or looking to connect, here are some tips on immersing yourself in a fresh start and meeting positive people:


Fanzines, street press, blogs, non-profit organizations and local events. Volunteer and paid positions for contributors exist. Take something you love and contribute to a community, publication or group. For research, local independent cafes, music stores, magazines and flexing the DuckDuckGo or Google machine is essential.

Meeting up and going it alone

From nights out to tech-heavy meetups, check out to join a range of social groups, and check if The Fetch is in your city.

Going it alone to events can be daunting for some, if this is you, I would consider getting some experience dating yourself in your home town before venturing alone in foreign territory. It is also good to know, most of the people that attend events have arrived on their own two feet, no entourage in sight.


Working on your blog? Want to immerse yourself in a creative or tech startup? Plan a coworking space crawl. Visit as many as you can and be social, ask questions, find out how to get involved in events such as Startup Weekend. Hire a desk and collaborate with your new found colleagues.

For Australia, San Francisco, London and New Zealand, check out The Fetch Coworking Space Guide

Reinstate the things you love

Recreate your home routine. Book into yoga classes, join the gym, find your favourite coffee spot to feel more settled. Fill your new home with photos, familiar objects that make you feel like you. All these things will help you reconnect with yourself in new surroundings.

Phone home

Don’t forget to call home regularly to check in and remind yourself of how small the world really is. The emotional grounding and support from face time with your friends and family will help you glide over obstacles that may be present.


Plan a trip home at the end of the first or second year, it will help you evaluate how you feel about the migration and whether you have made the right decision. The visit home will quell some of the torn feeling you may have between your amazing support network at home and your exciting new way of life.

Have you moved alone? What’s your story?

About our contributor // Sarina Quinlan is a marketing consultant and the curator of The Fetch in Brisbane. Follow her on Twitter via @digitalsarina.

Image credit: Drew Struzan, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox

The Fetch Barcelona pop-up – our future curator fills us in on what’s happening now — November 11, 2013

The Fetch Barcelona pop-up – our future curator fills us in on what’s happening now


Next year, we’re aiming to open up The Fetch to many cities on our wait-list. Jump on our global email list here to get notified when we launch. We already have an amazing crew of curators ready to bring you the best of your city.

Shoshana Tetroashvili is one such person who has Barcelona on her mind… and has collected an assortment of links for your below:

Although BCN is known for its bustling nightlife and bohemian air, for years now the city has been building its startup ecosystem. With an abundance of insightful and relevant events, the city is doing an excellent job living up to its potential!

To start off, make sure to keep an eye out for SocialMediaWeek 2014 – we’re super excited for the second edition to take place in our city!

From workshops to help ignite your creativity to PathWays to Exit – one of the most exclusive European Tech events, to developer geeks get-togethers, to “social running” (if you’re looking to blow off some steam and meet new Barcelonians in the process), to rubbing elbows with both Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, Barcelona offers an array of fantastic get-togethers.

Home to the famous Mobile World Congress, and The Brandery, Barcelona has been repeatedly ranked amongst the top five cities for international events; this time-lapse video will make you understand why…

So, stay tuned for more updates and expansion in our city coverage in 2014.

About our contributor // Shoshana Tetroashvili is the founder of HerWorld, and is a multilingual brand marketing, business development and event management specialist.  

Image credit: Barron Webster

The Fetch seeks contributing writers — October 27, 2013

The Fetch seeks contributing writers


We’re massive lovers of content at The Fetch – be it creating, curating, consuming or sharing – and now we’re looking for external contributing writers.

We’re seeking a handful of contributors at the local level to produce interesting and relevant posts across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific (Australia/NZ). This is a cool opportunity for freelance writers and professional content creators to become our ongoing go-to contributor in a region. And yes, writers rejoice – these are paid contributor spots. 🙂

You’ll be recognised on The Fetch as the local contributing writer and your work will be read by a ever-growing community of professionals. Pieces will be published with a byline and any links you desire.

Writers should be:

  • Currently working as an independent writer, editor or content producer
  • Able to contribute at least two long-form (~800-word-plus posts) essay-style pieces and one short-form (curated lists or multimedia-driven) posts per month
  • Dependable, consistent and turn around copy on time
  • Completely across trends in digital, creative, startups, marketing, web/mobile, city happenings, career hacking, productivity, work-life happiness, urban geekiness and so forth in their region
  • Not too into themselves and a lover of high accuracy – this isn’t the place for loosely-researched opinion pieces
  • Fun, intelligent and insightful – we like to educate and entertain
  • Set-up to take payment from a US Inc. (payment will range from $50 to $150 per post depending on length and time)

Please email the following through to

  • Your website, Twitter, LinkedIn and portfolio
  • Links to examples of your three best published articles
  • Three example headlines of stories you would submit
  • Thee examples of brands, startups or individuals doing great things in your area
  • Your location and what regional contributor spot you’d like (this needs to be within our current city regions viewable at
  • Why you want to be a contributing writer at The Fetch

We look forward to reviewing them there! We’ll do our best to respond to all applications and appreciate your time. 🙂

Image credit: Marie Campbell

Hello Yi – our new Berlin curator — October 14, 2013

Hello Yi – our new Berlin curator

“Berlin is a very diverse and vibrant city and has something to offer everyone… Berlin is a great city to embark on new adventures, start a creative project, or collaborate on fresh ideas.”


We heard you! We’re coming back to Berlin this coming week. We have a brilliant new curator in Aussie expat Yi Chen. Yi has been in the city over 18 months and was looking for something like The Fetch to help her discover what’s happening. She’a a perfect curator in that she’s worked across our core verticals of business/startups, creative/design and tech. Stay tuned as we bring you the best events, jobs and more in our new weekly format.

If you’re new to The Fetch, don’t forget to subscribe here. A big welcome to Yi!

How did you end up where you are today?

In 2009, I left a cushy office job in Melbourne as I was tired of being in a cubicle all day. I decided to head to Asia and fund my travels through freelancing. I eventually ended up at Saatchi & Saatchi in Taipei as the lead digital strategist. Nevertheless, I was itching to explore Europe so I packed up my bags again in 2012 and headed to Berlin. Currently, I’m a marketing freelancer and work with various creative agencies and startups.

Why did you want to get involved with The Fetch?

I enjoy discovering new things and my calendar is often filled with various events, from seminars and conferences, to workshops and meetups. When I stumbled across The Fetch, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to curate events on a regular basis and share them with others.

What things excite you about our community right now?

I like how The Fetch is tailored to the growing number of professionals in different fields and industries. It’s great to see additional cities being added with new subscribers everyday. I’m excited to kickstart Berlin’s newsletter again and catchup with some of the fetchers at the events.

What events do you recommend in Berlin?

Besides music events and art festivals, I really enjoy attending hands-on workshops and classes. For example, learning how to screen print at Betahaus or creating vinyl stickers at the Fab Lab. If you’re also a foodie, you will enjoy the cooking classes at Goldhahn and Sampson and Street Food Thursday at Markthalle Neun.

What’s your favourite thing about your city?

Berlin is a very diverse and vibrant city and has something to offer everyone. I love summer in Berlin as the city really comes to life and everything is happening outside.

What’s unique about Berlin?

It’s a popular European city where the cost of living is still very affordable. Berlin is a great city to embark on new adventures, start a creative project, or collaborate on fresh ideas. There’s a chilled vibe everywhere you go, meaning you can dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant in your jeans and t-shirt.

Where can we find you in Berlin?

During the week you can usually find me on my bike rushing between offices. On the weekends, I’m either brunching or picking up knick knacks from flea markets.

How can we connect with you?

Drop me a message on Twitter via @yiiee or

If you didn’t live in Berlin, where would you be?

I would love to one day live in New York or Tokyo!

You can also follow Yi and The Fetch Berlin via @thefetchBER and on Facebook. Sign-up to receive our events-packed digest via and get your work life covered!

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