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Event Review: fastBREAK – Lies — August 5, 2012

Event Review: fastBREAK – Lies

On the last Friday of every month, Vibewire hosts a breakfast where five speakers are given five minutes each to inspire us. Fleur Fletcher went along this month to hear what they had to say about ‘Lies’.

Omar Samad of Vibewire kicks off fastBREAK

Nestled deep within the Powerhouse Museum, fastBREAK is a monthly breakfast which aims to “nourish your creative mind.”  It’s proving to be a popular event and I arrived at 7:45am to find the room pretty much full. Everyone was busy tucking into their Black Star Pastry quiche, danishes and sausage rolls… seriously good.

The topic for the July speakers was Lies, and first up was Simon Cant, an innovation consultant . He told us about the lies that large, or traditional, organisations tell themselves when they are faced with a new (digital) challenger. For example, when Wikipedia arrived on the scene, Encyclopaedia Britannica justified their ‘no action’ by telling the lie, “It [Wikipedia] will never become mainstream. The quality is terrible.” And we all know what happened next.

Cant finishes with a quote from Kung Fu Panda:

“My friend, the panda will never fulfill his destiny, nor you yours until you let go of the illusion of control.”

His final message being; To innovate and succeed in a digital world, large traditional organisations will need to give up some of their controlling ways.

Next was Hannah Law, Head of Social Media at Switched On Media, who spoke of the little white lies that are told every day, such as that concession card you shouldn’t have bought. While acknowledging that lying isn’t ideal, Law explains people tell these small fibs to make the truth just that little bit shiner, to help pass the day with a little less friction.

“It’s not lying, it’s airbrushing!”

Third to the stage was magician Jack ‘Hiltini’ Hilton who wowed the audience by practising a little mind reading. An audience member was picked from the crowd, and after a series of questions, Hilton was able to name her perfect date, and the name of her partner. We ran out of time to find out how he actually pulled off this neat trick!

While Hilton entertains with lies, the next speaker Tim Burrowes has become a reluctant master to help cover his inability to remember faces. Living with a a condition, known as prosopagnosia, Burrowes struggles remember faces. He shared stories from awkward work encounters to not remembering old girlfriends, Burrowes learned to lie to escape embarrassment;

“I’ll always use the words ‘good to see you’ just in case I haven met them before.”

Our last speaker was Dev Singh, the founder of Sketchpad Ideas. Singh shared the very personal story of how a life threatening illness changed his perspective on life. Once over the worst, Singh looked at his life and realised he’d been living a lie. He quit his medical degree, and decided to shape his own path instead of doing what was expected of him. He mentions three lies that we should all avoid.

Lie: Things will work out for me: Optimism makes you wait for things to happen to you.
Truth: If you want something to happen, you need to do it yourself.

Lie: I don’t care about money
Truth: There’s a disassociation between money and good which doesn’t have to be the case. You can have both.

Lie: I’m not qualified enough to succeed
Truth: Telling yourself this will stunt innovation. You can do something if you put your mind to it.

Inspired by the topic of lies, Singh is writing a book on the topic. If you’d like to hear more visit this link.

Don’t miss out on the next fastBREAK on August 24. It’s a great way to start your Friday morning.

About our Ambassador // This article was contributed by Community Ambassador Fleur Fletcher. She is a marketer passionate in start-ups and compelling content. You can connect with Fleur through Twitter @fleurfletcher.

Interview: Sydney Local, Scott Drummond — June 25, 2012

Interview: Sydney Local, Scott Drummond

This fortnight, our Community Ambassador, Annette Slunjski (GM of Lucidity Marketing Communications) chats to Scott Drummond about social interactions, creative ideas and how his young son’s successful blog inspired a photographic exhibition.

Name: Scott Drummond


Twitter handle: @scott_drummond


What are you working (work-work or play-work) on right now that makes you jump out of bed in the morning?
I’m always trying to work out new ways for brands and people to come together socially and make each other’s lives better, so that’s a great daily work-work/play-work challenge that I’m always up for!

How do you keep up with what’s happening?
I try to listen and look out for interesting happenings in all the usual online haunts, but to be honest most things come to me by way of people I know. The best recommendations always come from the friends I have – they are into all sorts of wonderful stuff and I’m always learning from them.

What is fastBREAK and who would get the most out of it?
fastBREAK is a series of monthly short breakfast talks produced by Vibewire, an innovative non-profit youth organisation whose mission is to help young people participate in the conversations that really matter. On the last Friday of every month 5 inspiring speakers speak for 5 minutes each in response to a monthly theme. There’s coffee and delicious breakfast supplied by the amazing Black Star Pastry in Newtown. fastBREAK is the perfect wake-up treat for the intellectually and creatively curious, ad it’s also a great place to meet fascinating people.

Which fastBREAK speaker was the most facinating?
Impossible for me to say – I’ve found so many of them fascinating for different reasons. I’m always hanging out for the next speakers. On Friday June 29 I’m really excited about our line-up: Lord Mayor Clover Moore is joined by Annalie Killian (Director of Innovation, AMP), Marita Cheng (2012 Young Australian of the Year and Robogals founder) and Luke Geary (Managing Partner, Salvos Legal and Salvos Legal Humanitarian). They’re all responding to the theme ‘Stuffed’ so I’m fascinated to see their different approaches.

What’s the most memorable creative idea you’ve awarded as part of the Awesome Foundation?
It would either have to be Physique, an 80s-inspired freestyle aerobics night that runs in Redfern weekly or Scott Brown’s project to build a sensory-feedback device for sensory stimulation between a young autistic child and her parent. Both projects are totally awesome for such different reasons.

Moving on the The {Tiny} Times (previously The Tiny Satorialist) – the blog where young Marshall (with some help from Mum Karla) photo blogs about his {tiny} world; what made The Tiny Satorialist gather such a strong following – enough to support the photographic exhibition?

[Enter Karla and Marshall, exit Scott]

Early on, put selected one of our posts for their “freshly pressed” homepage feature, which had a huge impact in terms of page impressions, exposure to the wordpress community and subscribers. This first bit of exposure is what also led to the great deal of press that has followed. I was lucky enough to chat with some people from the wordpress team this year at SXSW and their feedback was along the lines of: simplicity, consistency and original content is what attracts them to certain blogs. The {Tiny} Times has a very simple formula – photos and short captions with practical information about where we are and the clothes we are wearing. I post 3-4 times a week and use only my own photographs. And I love doing it – and love is contagious 🙂

What are you working (work-work or play-work) on right now that makes you jump out of bed in the morning?
Play-work projects are the real things that get me out of bed. Currently, I am knitting Marshall a purple Ziggy Stardust cardie and taking a photo after each row so I can turn it into an animated GIF, something like this.

How do you keep up with what’s happening?
I don’t really 😦 Conversations with different people in my industry (media) help me stay in touch with what is going on. I read sites like Colossal for creative inspiration, Wired to sit down for some good longer reads or good ol’ Mashable for the digital what’s what.

[Back to Scott]

Scott, what’s the coolest thing happening around community at the moment?
I think it’s exciting to see so many people getting off the couch and meeting up with like-minded people in person. I’m obviously an advocate of the power of digital technology to connect people, but I also think it’s great when those people are moved to meet up and create new opportunities together.

What is the one issue you are most passionate about?
How humans can connect with each other to build valuable relationships that help us to collectively address the most important challenges of our day.

What are some upcoming events you would recommend to the Fetch community?
It’s quite a long way off still, but I’m very excited about ISEA 2013.

About our Ambassador // After a long time in technology marketing and communications, Annette still loves the wonderful nerdiness and envelope pushing that is IT, especially the amazing things happening in the Australian startup scene. As GM of Lucidity, Annette helps tech companies tell the world about their goodness. Connect with Annette via @luciditymc

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