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Hello Kat – our Melbourne curator — August 7, 2012

Hello Kat – our Melbourne curator

So, it’s another good week at Fetch HQ. This time we welcome an added pair of city-event loving hands in Kat Loughrey. I met Kat at a community management workshop I hosted earlier in the year and have been impressed with her enthusiasm and super-organisation skills ever since. It feels great to now collaborate together and bring you all the best of  Melbourne. Stay tuned for more from Kat, but read on to discover more below:

How did you end up where you are today?

I’ve always been a curious and inquisitive person, and its that nature of mine that set me on this journey… from getting educated in Brisbane, completing undergrad in NSW, then to Japan for three exciting years of freelance writing, travel and teaching English. Upon my return to Australia, I moved to Melbourne to complete a Masters and get a ‘serious’ job. I realised that I was immensely interested in the digital space, new technologies and the emerging content-fuelled ‘Online Communications’ field, so after stints in government and music media, I eventually landed my current job with Victoria Racing Club. Now I can professionally combine my passion for digital, communications, content curation and social media while being involved with Australia’s most well-known racing event – the Melbourne Cup Carnival – and now also with Melbourne’s established yet ever-growing industry site, The Fetch.

What makes you tick? What makes you ick?

I thrive on exploring Melbourne for new happenings and “hotspots” across the digital industry and creative/art/music scenes, attending what I can with the aim of connecting with new people (and have a good time in the process!). Good music is also a massive ‘tick’ for me, as well as simple home-cooking, wine-tasting, tweeting, Googling, editing academic research, reading non-fiction, LOLdogs, live gigs & DJs, and singing loudly in my lounge room to 90s dance music.

On the flipside, ‘icks’ include ignorance, wastefulness, decisions that don’t help the greater good of people or the environment, and inconsiderate people on public transport. Oh and bad music!

Why do you love ‘fetchin?

I’m a hardcore information junkie, so as I already source my daily fix via the internet, social media, newspapers and more, so being involved with The Fetch will give me a chance to justify my obsession.

I love to share exciting events, places and fun things to do in Melbourne with my friends/networks, so I’m stoked to have the opportunity to share this now to a wider tech savvy and engaged community. Pay it forward I say…

What things excite you about our community right now?

Melbourne is a culturally vibrant and creative city, with always something enticing happening across digital, creative, art, music or environmental scenes.

There is an increased importance placed on “networking”, and this is proven with the ever-growing number of meet-ups available and coworking hubs for the digital/tech industries popping up, that enthusiasm for learning and meeting people in a non-pretentious or office environment is really exciting. The non-judgemental space for entrepreneurs to share their ideas with others is positive and valuable for the growth of the city as well. I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunities to engage with people outside of my field and gain new skills for my career. And the more I chat with people, the more I hear that I’m not alone on this point, so that’s great! Please feel free to invite me to events, we should never stop learning.

What’s your favourite thing about your city?

I love that there’s always something to do in Melbourne… a well as plenty of free events for all ages and numerous industry meetups, it’s simply fantastic. Add to this the long-list of fabulous restaurants, bars, clubs, live music venues, art galleries and more, and you have a stellar city to live in. Plus as with all Australian cities, there are close communities within all scenes, so you can easily see familiar faces if you’re active in your passions.

I’ve lived here six years and yet still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface… I have met many great people though while exploring!

Where can we find you in Melbourne?

Riding the tram to various destinations as I continue exploring this stellar city, observing the sights and the people out of the window.

If not, then at home tip-tapping away on projects online on my lappie listening to ABCJazz… and on the weekend, possibly on the dancefloor at one of Melbs’ underground clubs critiquing the DJ’s set with fellow music-loving friends …

How can we connect with you?

You can tweet me (@KatLoughrey) or email me ( I’d love to hear from you!

Follow @thefetchmelb and ‘like’ us on Facebook to keep up with what’s happening in Melbourne. Please feel free to touch base and introduce yourself, I look forward meeting in person at a local upcoming event. Please also send me your event listings, cool jobs and links that you think the Melbs’ The Fetch community should know about!

Kat watching what appears to be sport – how Melbourne!

Event review: Groundbreaker public design series Sydney — July 3, 2012

Event review: Groundbreaker public design series Sydney

This event review is brought to you by Doug Millen, from our Fetch Community Ambassador Team in Sydney.

Ever wondered what ‘design thinking’ means? Ever wanted to be a part of design methods to make a difference in the community? Over July and August the Groundbreaker series of workshops and talks will bring design thinkers and innovators together with the Sydney community to explore the role of design in solving problems of the future.

Launched last Wednesday, 27 June 2012, Groundbreaker is brought to Surry Hills’ stunning Object Gallery space by u.lab, a University of Technology Sydney collaboration among the university’s business, engineering, built environment, architecture, design and IT schools for projects that call for innovation across disciplines.

Groundbreaker’s launch excited a crowd of Sydney thinkers and do-ers with the prospect of coming together in an inspiring space to share knowledge, learning new techniques for collaboratively tackling community, business and social issues, and creating new knowledge in partnership with design leaders.

Design has an incredible role to play in social change, we just have to figure out ways to make it relevant and humbly provide it to society as a tool. 

Groundbreaker is about designers engaging with the public and reflecting on the tools that need to be learnt and evolved to do that well.
David Gravina, Digital Eskimo

UTS design leaders Jochen Schweitzer and Joanne Jakovich have co-curated the Groundbreaker series of events and workshops that bring academic knowledge and expertise to the public.

We started last year with u.lab and a couple of public workshops called Bike Tank, and with these workshops we began experimenting with design thinking.

One of the things we thought was really powerful was getting the public into the workshops – for ideating solutions around problems that are part of their lives.
Jochen Schweitzer, Groundbreaker co-curator, UTS

Schweitzer and Jakovich believe in the importance of design creativity in innovation. Through Groundbreaker they hope to disseminate best practices and encourage the development and refinement of new design tools and methods.

We’re really trying to make it easy for organisations to try out collaborative methods and involve the public in solving design challenges.
Jochen Schweitzer, Groundbreaker co-curator, UTS

The eight core events of the Groundbreaker series, to be held at Object Gallery, will explore ideas such as crowdsharing, the value of innovation in Australia, collaborative design, and how we might challenge traditional models of work through design thinking.

Groundbreaker is an awesome forum for people to get together to use design methods to create social change. 

Because it’s open to the public people can come here and experience what collaboration feels like and what the outcome can be.
Ele Jansen, Reboot Stories

The Groundbreaker series of workshops, debates and digital discussions will take place from 27 June to 17 August in Object Gallery, Surry Hills. The workshops are free and open to all.

About our Amabassador // This article and photography were contributed by Community Ambassador Doug Millen. You can connect with Doug through his site or on Twitter @dougsky

Featured event: WordCamp Sydney 2012 — June 25, 2012

Featured event: WordCamp Sydney 2012

The Fetch is excited to feature this year’s WordCamp Sydney happening the 21– 22 July at the beautiful University of Sydney on their main Camperdown/Darlington campus. It’s an event for developers, bloggers and all general WordPress users and enthusiasts. We are fans and users of WordPress over here at the Fetch (if you couldn’t guess from our blog).

Co-organisers, Tracey Kemp and Dee Teal met at WordCamp Gold Coast and afterwards were keen for the event to come to Sydney. The local user group had got off the ground around mid-2011 so the timing seemed right. “…and frankly, it’s a good excuse to hang out with the crew and talk WordPress, so I never miss an opportunity for that!” shared Dee. “Figured, given that the last WordCamp in Sydney was in 2008 we were well and truly overdue.”

Session topics will range from SEO for your blog and plug-ins to personal branding and the future of WordPress. The full list of speakers and session topics can be found on the website. “This is a fantastic group of people, one that has welcomed me and will do the same of them, regardless of how much or little they know about WordPress,” said Dee.

This will be a fabulous event to learn more about WordPress, get help with areas you’re struggling with and to make new friends with this cool platform in common. We hope that you’ll join us there. Readers of the Fetch can receive $25 off their ticket when they register with this codeF3TCHWPSYD

Connect with WordCamp Sydney on Twitter @wordcampsyd or follow the event hashtag #wcsyd

Event Review: Sydney FailCon —

Event Review: Sydney FailCon

This event review is from Sydney Community Ambassador, Lisa Fox (CEO and cofounder of OpenShed). 

photo credit: Josh Stinton

FailCon Sydney twitter stream commenced with a steady stream of #Fail tweets as late participants declared that it was only 10am and they had already racked up their first fail for the day!

FailCon is all about removing the stigma that attaches to failure and embracing it instead.  I found it a thoroughly refreshing morning (unfortunately I couldn’t stay all day). The speakers generously shared their highs and LOTS of their lows. It was very different from the usual events where successful entrepreneurs talk about their success and gloss over their failures.

FailCon was started in San Francisco in 2009 as a one-day event for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for future success. Last year it launched in France and Brazil. And earlier this month 6.2 brought it  to Australia to be part of Vivid Sydney 2012.

Andrew Fallshaw has summed up the day perfectly with his post How to fail Better and you can check out the day’s twitter stream here, so I thought I would just leave you some of my favourite insights from the day:

Cass Phillipps, Producer of FailCon – “Having a mess up doesn’t make you a mess up.”

Clover Moore,“Don’t go away at your first failure”.  (You can read Clover’s complete presentation here)

Matt and Pip, The Loop “If you’ve got a good idea, the real failure is not executing that idea”

Matt Perry, Republic of Everyone “If we are going to go down, let’s try not to be brought down by a preventable failure”

Paul Breen: “Failure’s an event, a circumstance, not a character trait.”

Ben Rennie, 6.2 “the idea that “failure is not an option” is dangerous. It makes it invisible, then inevitable”

Rebekah Campbell, Posse “prioritise your fears” – what’s worse than failing? “Missing out”

I couldn’t agree more!

About our Ambassador // Lisa Fox is a recovering a Government Lawyer and the Co Founder and Director of the peer-to-peer rental site, Open Shed.  Lisa is passionate about spreading the word about the Australian Collaborative Consumption movement and helping Australians access what they need when they need it! Connect with Lisa via @_lisafox or @openshed.

Top 10 London City Guides — May 15, 2012

Top 10 London City Guides

Pic courtesy of @jeera.

This week, @ThatGirl_Chloe shares her favourite London blogs which cover what’s happening in and around London and offer an alternative view of this great city! If she’s missed any of your favourites, please tweet or email her. Enjoy!

1. Londonist –>

The Londonist has cult following in the blogsphere and has created a real community spirit around their website and Facebook Page, with loads of interesting stories, articles and event listings. A regular feature is Week In Geek, the Weekend Round Up and for when you are cash-strapped (London is expensive!) some ideas of things to do on the cheap.

2. Handpicked London –> Facebook Fan page

With over 80,000 likes on Facebook, Handpicked London is becoming a favourite among Londonites, to get their pick “of London’s most interesting, secret or unusual things”. Also, a little known fact, they also run this site which aggregates interesting blogs and content from other well-known London Blogs (some of which are listed here). Be sure to like their page to find out latest news and events, silly pictures and tidbits.

3. I know this great little place in London –>

Founded by Rich Brown and Rossa Shanks, I know this great little place in London was born out of pure frustration against the rise of restaurant chains and not having a place to share local knowledge and independent discoveries. In their own words, GLP, “is a collection of thoughts on the best in London’s unexpected special little venues and activities”. The community is heavily involved in contributing to the daily listings, and Facebook and Twitter fans are strongly encouraged to make their own suggestions. In fact because they are so committed, GLP managed to secure over £10,000 in investment from their community and fan base, using a crowdfunder campaign to help fund and re-design their new website.

4. Run Riot! –>

One of my favourite ‘What’s On’ guide for alternative nights out in London, which mainly covers East London. Split into several categories featuring Art, Club, Dance, Film, Music, Theatre, Think and the Wild Card, Run Riot! generally has something for everyone. If you are looking for something different, then look here first.

5. InFormed London –>

InFormed London features one event per day, that is not to be missed! They cover everything from jumble sales, film screenings, club nights and theatre reviews. Always fresh and updated daily, I definitely recommend you check back here often. They also run competitions and have an impressive blog roll (which includes some of my fave blogs that I have featured here).

6. LeCool London –>

The ultimate London What’s On Guide which features loads of interesting events and listings in a beautifully designed webzine format. Every week, LeCool London has a varied selection of events from exhibitions, gigs, food, sport, cinema and club night listings. You can also catch up on some London extras by reading their blog which includes London Selected by…The Dead Dolls Club.

7. London Loves Business –>

London Loves Business is a fantastic resource for budding entrepreneurs but also covers London Culture and lifestyle news, as well as upcoming conferences and exhibitions. Well worth the look if you are searching for some in-depth news bites and perhaps even a new career move!

8. Tired of London Tired of Life –>

If you ever find yourself bored, twiddling your thumbs, thinking about what to do on a nice sunny day in London, then check back to this blog. Every day the author features one thing to do in London, with every idea is being different from the last. Get out of the city and visit High Elms Country Park. Make new discoveries, and impress your friends about your insider knowledge!

9. IanVisits –>

A bit of a staple for the London blogosphere, IanVisits is full of fascinating facts, news and events. Continually updated with fresh listings, this blog features a what’s on guide, photo gallery and latest news coverage of testing being carried out on the new cable car route over the 02 Arena.

10. Little Miss Random –>

A recent addition to my ‘London favourites’ bloggers list, is Little Miss Random’s weekly round-up of all sorts of events, clubs nights and venues to visit in London. Every week she writes up her top listings during ‘School nights’ and at the weekend. This week features everything from ‘Dial M for Murdoch’ to Hip Hop Karaoke, and Friday Night Freakshow at The Underbelly. One to be bookmarked!

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